What Is a $1.8 Million Limousine Like

Limousines are fascinating vehicles. Rarely are any two alike. Since they are custom made, they take a long time to build, and a limousine can get pricey depending on what the customer requests to be included. So, how pricey can limousines get, and what are they like?

The rear white leather interior of the limousine.
Mercedes Maybach Pullman Guard armor laden limousine | MercBenzKing via YouTube

A rare 2016 Mercedes Maybach Pullman gives the opportunity to answer that question. It is available for sale and has never been titled. So, the limousine is still considered brand new and still has the luster inside and out that you would expect from the exclusivity and luxury of the limousine lifestyle.

The engine choice

This limousine is motivated by a Mercedes bi-turbocharged V12 engine. The engine puts out 530 horsepower, which is mated to an automatic transmission. It is the same powerplant available in the Mercedes S600. The same engine is capable of zero-to-sixty times in the 5-second territory range for the non-limousine equipped S600. It can also bring a regular S600 to a top speed near 158-mph. Expect the limousine to be a bit slower with its longer body and heavier weight. An autobahn test of that powerplant is below, albeit not in a limousine configuration.

The limousine’s interior

According to Mercedes, the Maybach Pullman’s interior provides “a generously-sized and tastefully-appointed club lounge” rear passenger compartment. Indeed, the interior is of the first-class luxury nature. Leather upholstery is everywhere. The power reclining seats are complemented with Maybach branded pillows and have tray tables that can be extended. Also, the rear occupants will not have to close the rear doors as they can be electronically actuated at the touch of a button. Occupants enjoy a panoramic sunroof that has a button to frost the glass or change the filter color of images coming through. Additionally, all the windows have shades that can expand or retract at a button’s push. The center consoles hold Maybach branded champaign flutes, a champaign cooler, and heated or cooled beverage holders. To finish out the interior package, a television, 24 speaker surround sound system, and an intercom system to communicate with the driver are installed. 

A YouTube celebrity with the channel, Supercar Blondie, recently found the 2016 Mercedes-Maybach Pullman limousine. She was given the opportunity to review it. The link is below. 


The price of the limousine is $870,000. But, Mercedes still offers Pullman package, and it can be fitted to military specifications for $1.8 million. That configuration will add armored body panels and windows, bullet-resistant tires, and undercarriage protection. In the Guard spec the limo is considered blast resistant. It takes one and a half years from the order date to be delivered. 

A black limousine is parked in a parking garage
Mercedes Maybach Pullman Guard armor laden limousine | MercBenzKing via YouTube

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As mentioned before, limousines are fascinating vehicles. They can be built as high-class as a customer wants. Customizing one to a particular need is not a problem. The sky is the limit as long as the purchaser has an unlimited budget. The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman equipped limousine shows that a quiet and comfortable retreat is possible in a vehicle. If it is equipped with the military specification, for $1.8 million, then it is also one of the safest, quietest, comfortable retreats. Probably the only one with a V12 engine.