YouTube Truck Winner Lost His Prize

In the YouTube universe, there are a lot of channels anyone can follow for any topic. For auto enthusiasts, there are channels about crafting upholstery, building stronger V8 engines, lifting trucks, racing, restorations, electric conversions, and so on. Often, there will be a channel that has a large enough following that giving away a vehicle will become possible. One YouTuber did just that. Then he was ghosted by the winner.

Green and lifted 1993 Chevy Pickup
1993 Chevy Giveaway Truck | Vlad Media

What is the channel about

The “SendIt Steve” channel is a relatively new channel to the YouTube sphere. It has had almost daily uploads for only about two years. During that time, the channel has shown the host, Steve Freeman, purchase a few things he can flip, modify, repair, or destroy. The channel also has followed the host as he built and drag raced a Corvette, built a monster truck Civic, does trail rides, and winter storm chases in his F-450 truck to deliver generators.

Mr. Freeman’s channel is very open about the triumphs and failures of the car projects, Youtubing, and even his own personal health concerns. At one point, he was preparing a vehicle for a YouTube Callout event. That’s an event where automotive YouTubers collaborate and coordinate a date to race their cars on track together. Unfortunately, in the lead up to one such event, Mr. Freeman had a heart attack. In just a few days after his attack, he posted a video recapping what happened. Still, he was dedicated to not disappointing the fans at the Callout. So, in the following videos, he’s seen in his yard swapping an engine out of a vehicle and eventually making it to the race.

The giveaway truck

In recent months Mr. Freeman documented a build he did in collaboration with another channel. It was the repair and build-up of an older Chevy truck. Then he offered to give it away. Many people signed up for the contest, and a winner was chosen. That’s when things got a little strange.

Green and lifted Giveaway Chevy Truck
1993 Chevy Giveaway Truck for the Send_it Steve YouTube channel | Vlad Media


The winner was called and agreed to work out picking up the truck when schedules would permit. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus tempered the enthusiasm in meeting right away to pick up the truck. Still trying to make it work, both parties stayed in touch up until a point. According to Mr. Freeman, the winner of the truck stopped responding to him. Mr. Freeman was forced to give an ultimatum, respond by a certain date, or the truck will go to the runner-up in the giveaway contest. There was no response.

Video of Mr. Freeman contacting the runner-up is below. Beware, the language is not appropriate for younger audiences.

The original truck winner’s full name was never used on camera due to privacy concerns. So, we have no way to substantiate Mr. Freeman’s account of the facts. However, it seems like the original contest winner has lost a truck. Having been ghosted, Mr. Freeman has followed through with his ultimatum and contacted the runner up in the channel’s contest. They are now working together to get the truck picked up. At least, that is the hope. Until the truck is actually in the runner-up’s hands, Mr. Freeman will likely remain a little anxious, hoping he does not get ghosted again. Who knew it would be so difficult to give something away?