What Does Elon Musk’s New Tesla Battery Technology Mean for the Future?

Elon Musk has been hyping this announcement via twitter. After the stockholder’s meeting. Elon Musk held the Tesla Battery Day event. During this live streaming event, in fact, Musk announced big plans. The company is set to begin manufacturing new battery technology that he claims will change the future of not only Tesla cars but sustainable energy in general.

These goals to improve the effectiveness of energy usage via better battery tech should vastly change the industry. Plus, Musk sets a tight deadline saying that this new tech will begin production with in the next year or two. The future of the battery is coming, and Tesla wants to be at the forefront of this race to fully electrify global transportation.

Not just cars

This new battery technology will roll out and, in theory, become an integral part of the grid we currently interact with in terms of energy usage. By making the switch to a battery that uses more highly efficient technology in order to power electronics, Elon Musk plans for the new Tesla battery technology to effectively take over the grid. Of course, he expects stocks to continue their upward trend as electric Tesla semi fleets, solar roof technology, and a massive push to create more sustainable energy is said to be needed now more than ever.

Tesla model 3 cars charging in a parking garage
Teslas charging in a parking garage | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

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However, the naysayers speak. Below is a clip in which analyst Pierre Ferragu alludes that the time frame for these goals may be a little ambitious. We continue watching as Tesla succeeds, but questions remain. For instance, how will Elon Musk’s prediction for many successful years ahead play out?

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A historical 2020 event

Due to coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, the event was anything but ordinary. Not to say that any of the past Tesla meetings or talks have ever been ordinary. We all remember the broken Cybertruck window, for instance.

That said, today’s Meeting of Stockholders and Battery Day event will go down in history for a number of reasons. The content of the meeting is just one of them. The entire audience was made up of individuals in parked Tesla models. The audio streamed into the clean, controlled environment offered by the unique seating. Instead of clapping, we heard a chorus of honks and beeps at the especially exciting tidbits shared by the Tesla representatives.

The Tesla factory in Shanghai

As Musk explained in today’s event, having factories nearer the places where the cars will ship is key. The Tesla factory in Shanghai isn’t just important because it brings manufacture closer to the destination, however. It is also the first US auto manufacturing factory in China that is owned 100% by the respective auto company.

arial photo of Tesla Shanghai super factory parking lot is a preview of where the new battery technology will go to use
Aerial photo of Tesla super factory | Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

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Musk told the live audience in parked Teslas and the streaming viewers that the Shanghai factory went up in record time. Also that Tesla owns 100% of the factory. He said that we should see similar success for the new factory in Texas, as well. We will also begin to see more factories come into being for the production of the new batteries and their components.

New Tesla battery technology

Overall, today wasn’t too different from other Tesla meetings. There was talk of money and finance. There was talk of the future.

In addition, there was plenty of talk about electric cars and how Tesla will surge forth and somehow make the entire world a better place. However, also like announcements of the past, we will have to wait and see how Musk’s ambitious plans pan out.