Is This the Best Tesla to Buy?

Tesla dominates the electric car market. There are several Tesla models out now. If you are thinking about buying one, you may wonder which model is the best Tesla to buy? According to this video, the Tesla Model Y is the model that has it all. It’s not perfect, but it ticks box after box.

In the video below, we see a test drive and review of the Tesla Model Y. We learn that this electric car is spacious and accommodating. It has all of the features Tesla has to offer, as it is the newest Tesla on the market.

Quieter than a whisper

One of the greatest differences between an electric car and a gas or diesel car is the sound. In the review, it is noted that the Tesla Model Y is ultra quiet. Not only is it void of engine noise due to its electric motor, the cabin is extremely well insulated.

In fact, the driver reports that it is the most silent cabin of all the Tesla models he’s driven. This is a contributing factor as to why the Model Y could be the best Tesla you can buy. There is very little road noise in the cabin at all––even passing cars are barely heard.

The new Tesla Model Y is introduced. Tesla has expanded its model range to include an SUV
The Tesla Model Y | Hannes Breustedt/picture alliance via Getty Images

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Two model options for the Tesla Model Y

There are two different options to look into if you are interested in a Model Y. First, the longe range option. The longe range Model Y uses a dual motor that goes for up to 316 miles. Additionally, it has 386 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque. In a longe range Tesla Model Y you’ll see this electric car push to 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. Its quarter-mile sprint finishes at 12.7 seconds.

The other option is called the performance Model Y. This model reaches up to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. However, the performance model has a lower range. With 291 miles in a full charge, you will need to charge up more often. The video reviews the longe range model, so we will start with that one in terms of pricing.

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For a long range model, you’ll pay at least $49,990––according to the Drivers Only video. The performance model costs at least $59,990. Each option adds another $8,000 for “self-driving” technology. In addition to that fee, any color other than white will also cost you extra. So overall, you aren’t looking at an inexpensive electric car. These prices are comparable to the luxury car market. Still, it’s not the most expensive Tesla by any means.

Not perfect, but full of features

From the 68 cubic feet of cargo offered in the front trunk and the rear cargo area to the full-on infotainment and control center display, the Tesla model Y is full of features. In spite of the minimalist design, the seats are said to be comfortable. On Tesla’s website we see that there is even an option for a third row which allows this electric car crossover to seat up to 7 people.

There are two USB ports in the rear, though you may miss them up front. Plus––though the seats are heated––there isn’t a heated steering wheel. Nor will you find ventilation in the leather Model Y seats.

People view a model of the new Tesla Model Y unveiled earlier in Hawthorne, California
The Tesla Model Y | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The test drive also reports that the mirrors feel extremely small and the exterior has a few imperfections such as body gaps and places where seams aren’t flush. In spite of all this, however, the Drivers Only video concludes that the Tesla Model Y may, in fact, be the best Tesla you can buy.