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It’s a cruel world out there. Growing up, you face one disappointment after another. Like the case with this 16-year-old teen driver that only got a Tesla from her parents for her birthday, instead of the Mercedes-Benz she expected. It was a harsh lesson in the disappointments life presents you. But her disappointments weren’t over, yet.

Why was the teen driver mad?

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The young woman was so upset that she tore into her mother for presenting her with such an incredibly inconsiderate gift. Even though it was brand new, it’s not the thought that counts anymore. It’s about fulfilling the obligation to reward 16-year-olds with new Mercedes on their birthdays. 

Some of us remember the days when we got to use our parents’ cars occasionally when we were of driving age. Of course, this wasn’t in recent times. We were told stories by our parents about not having wheels at all and plundering through six feet of snow to get to school. Most of us didn’t believe that, but that’s what our parents said to make us more grateful for the better things in life. And actually, they were true stories. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to see her reaction to the Tesla letdown. It is probably too cringeworthy to see, anyway. Instead, we get to see what happened next. 

The good news is that the father of this young woman had a plan to make things right. He went out and bought a new Mercedes for her. NOT!. But he did have a plan. He took the Tesla back and replaced it with something most teenagers would be incredibly grateful for. 

Did the mad teen get her Mercedes after all?


My daughter thought she was getting her Mercedes’ and her dad got her this car sense she was so ungrateful #spoiledkids #ungratefulkid #piss #viralvideos #momlife

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He bought her a used Chevy Aveo for her gift. A nice bright red one, so she has an easier time finding it in a sea of parked black or silver Mercedes. It appears these parents are always trying to do right for their little princess.

What has changed today, from those days of yore when teens couldn’t wait to get their driver’s licenses, is the percentage of 16-year-olds that actually get them. Only one-in-four have a driver’s license when they’re 16. That’s compared to almost 50% 40 years ago, according to

What age is the majority of new car buyers?

mad teen
“Here’s your new old car” | TikToc

When asked by the Washington Post just last month why teens don’t drive, the answers varied. Some give the obvious reason that they don’t have enough money or aren’t making enough. Others said they’re concerned about harming the environment. Still, others, said they’re afraid of getting into an accident. And a small percentage said they are afraid of the act of driving. 

One other little statistic worth noting is that Baby Boomers buy the majority of new cars, not 16-year-olds. And Gen Xers were the largest group buying used vehicles, at 40%. So it is a fairly rare event when a new car belongs to a person 16 or 17. 


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