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The Porsche Carrera GT is notorious for the skill required to drive it. The clutch is reportedly heavy and challenging to get used to, and it is remarkably unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. There is no shortage of crashes involving this iconic car. Perhaps the most recognizable, of course, is the crash that resulted in the death of Paul Walker. Furthermore, they’re now worth well over a million dollars. So, it takes some serious nerve to put on a racetrack. Let alone one of the most daunting tracks of them all.

Listen to the sound of this screaming Porsche V10

Professional racing driver and YouTuber Misha Charoudin posted this video of a privately-owned Porsche Carrera GT taking to the Nürburgring.

Charoudin asks the owner of the Porsche Carrera GT a few questions about his ownership. He reveals that the owner (who chose to remain anonymous) has owned the car for five years. However, he had never taken this incredibly rare and valuable car on track before. His first racetrack experience in his seven-figure and incredibly collectible Porsche was at the notoriously treacherous Nürburgring.

However, it becomes very clear right off the bat that this is not the owner’s first time on the Nürburgring. He seems to know the track layout very well. Despite it being his first lap in the Carrera GT, he seems to hold nothing back and lets the car do what it does best.

Black Porsche Carrera GT driving on Nürburgring in Germany
Carrera GT on Track | Misha Charoudin, Youtube

Despite the traffic on the ring, the owner of the Carrera GT manages to get it to speeds north of 140 miles per hour at times. Additionally, you can hear the floor plan scraping during an elevation change at one point. Clearly, this owner isn’t too worried about the money and is instead focusing on using the car the way Porsche’s engineers wanted it to be used.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many outside shots. That’s a bit of a shame because the Carrera GT is widely regarded as one of the best-sounding cars of all time. This particular example has an aftermarket exhaust system on it, too. So, while the screaming engine is audible from inside the cabin, it would be amazing to hear it from the outside.

It’s a shame more Carrera GTs don’t see track time

Porsche Carrera GT in black at Nürburgring before going on track for the first time
Porsche Carrera GT | Misha Charoudin, Youtube

A quick Bring A Trailer search shows exactly why these cars are largely kept in collections at this point. Earlier this year, a Guards Red example with only 780 original miles sold for $1.9 million. Additionally, a black Carrera GT formerly owned by Jerry Seinfeld sold for $1.86 million.

The Carrera GT, much like the Ferrari F40, Lexus LFA, and a handful of other cars, slips into a bizarre niche. They are cars that manufacturers spent countless hours and dollars on developing to be absolute track weapons. As a result, their prices were remarkably high, to begin with, and their production was minimal. So, instead of the cars being on a track where engineers design them to excel, most of them sit in climate-controlled garages waiting for the day they sell for a massive profit.

Porsche only built 1,270 of these remarkable cars. So, the chances of seeing another one on track going this hard are not too likely. Soak it up while you can! Despite the driver’s chosen anonymity, we have to give him unprecedented praise for the bravery involved in taking this thing out on the Nürburgring.


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