Crashing Your Car at the Nürburgring Will Cost You at Least $4,000

If you’re a fan of modern supercars, then you’ll know that most manufacturers utilize Nürburgring lap times to boost sales. Just knowing that the latest supercar is half a second faster around this historic track is enough for some wealthy buyers. However, you don’t need to be a millionaire to take your car to this track for a spin. In fact, the track is open to the public.

However, a recent video posted by Car Throttle on YouTube outlines all of the costs of running on the track. However, the most important aspect of the video highlights just how much it will cost you to crash there. Spoiler alert, it’s far from cheap.

Why would I take my car out on the Nürburgring?

If you’re a car enthusiast, there are few places outside of a race track where you can reach your car’s full potential. This is where the Nürburgring comes in. Unlike most tracks, the Nordschleife configuration of this track spans a lengthy 12.94 miles. As a result, one lap of the ring can take you over 10 minutes to complete.

If this Nürburgring experience is already sounding a bit expensive, you’d be wrong. According to Car Throttle, it costs just under 36 dollars to get into one of the world’s most iconic racetracks. On days where the track is open to the public, the only requirement is that your vehicle has to be road-legal.

However, the Nürburgring is also one of the most difficult tracks globally, with plenty of high-speed sections that can quickly overwhelm novice drivers. As a result, crashing is quite common.

How much does it cost to crash?

An image showing a crashed car on the Nürburgring track.
Nürburgring Crash | Auto Addiction via YouTube

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To test how expensive it would be to crash at the Nürburgring, Car Throttle developed a hypothetical crash scenario. This scenario involves a single-car crash that managed to damage around 65 ft of the metal barrier. Additionally, given the severity of this crash, there are car parts scattered all around the track. Car Throttle estimates that this crash will take around 60 minutes to clean up.

The first Nürburgring crash cost arrives with the staff employed to repair and replace the metal barriers. Just having this crew drive into the track to the crash site will cost you around $239. Once the team is there, Car Throttle estimates that repairing the damaged barrier will cost you an additional $1,453. Keep in mind; this doesn’t include the structural components that hold up the metal barrier. Those will cost you an extra $948 to replace.

Having the Nürburgring safety car come out to check on you will cost you around $196. On top of that, you have to pay for Germany’s 19 percent VAT rate, raising the price by $528. Add up all of those costs, and it has already cost you $3,307 to have a crash. But wait, there’s more.

What about my crashed car?

Now that you’ve dealt with the Nürburgring itself, there is still the matter of your crashed car on the side of the track. Having a tow truck recover your vehicle from the track will cost you an additional $477.

After paying all of these fees, you’re still left with a crashed car. Car Throttle reports that you’ll have to arrange a tow truck to take it home from the track from there. Eventually, you might have to pay thousands in damages to have your car repair. As a result, a cheap day at the track could become a massive expense.