Watch: Insane “Mudstang” Mustang Is Real And Alive

We’ve all been wondering what the Hell this is? It’s an off-road Mustang that the builder calls the “Mudstang.” It’s not Photoshopped-it is real and alive. You can see this insane Mustang for yourself in this video.

You can make anything into an off-roader so going off-roading in a Mustang is somewhat unique but not insane. What makes this crazy is the modifications made to make it off-road ready.

The Mudstang is a Mustang like no other

“Mudstang” Mustang hill climber | Unseen Rides

Mustangs are iconic muscle cars that have seen every type of modification. It is many enthusiast’s first cars so we’ve all seen some crazy stuff done to them. But this is way beyond anything we’ve seen or imagined. 

From “Unseen Builds” comes the Mudstang. Its modifications are intended to make it more able to conquer a mud climb than simply lifting a stock Mustang. While the 24-inch wheels and off-road tires would normally permit a truck to tackle challenging terrain this application is crazy. Or maybe exceptionally crazy is a more apt description. 

The Mudstang has no application outside of blasting up a muddy hill

“Mudstang” Mustang hill climber | Unseen Rides

With one purpose in mind, it has no application outside of blasting up a muddy hill. There’s no way it could legally run on a highway or is able to make turns on Mainstreet, USA. But again, that’s not what this is for. 

This S550 Mustang first received two 67 mm turbochargers huffing through the gen 2 Coyote Ford motor. It features hood exits for the turbos, a two-step rev limiter, and a trans brake. Both the two-step and trans brake are normally seen in drag racing applications and that was this Mustang’s previous life. 

The owner says it has made hundreds of passes at the drag strip. Both the two-step and trans brake will give the Mudstang an extra bit of boost before pulling the trigger at the base of the climb. The engine puts out 1,200 hp on boost. That’s a lot of power that gets transmitted to those big tires hung off the ends of the rear axle. The extra bite and tire/wheel mass will be twisting off axles at some point soon. 

The Mudstang wheels are hung on wide spacers

“Mudstang” Mustang hill climber | Unseen Rides

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The wheels are hung on spacers that look to be made from billet aluminum. For this application, they’re probably more than safe but no one recommends spacers for the road. It’s always best to do that with wheel offsets or in rare cases a wider rear axle width. 

But this is a one-trick pony. The whole setup is meant as a challenge to see how well the Mudstang improves the abilities of a stock Mustang. Yes, a stock Mustang is included for comparison. 

We love weird stuff and in the context of this video, it all makes sense. Sort of. But just the vision of this Mustang with those tires hung off the axle is what nightmares are made of.