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Is it COVID that is making people crazy? It just seems that some weird stuff keeps happening that is unexplainable. Like this incident in a Target parking lot in Texas. It started out as just an accident but turned into some crazy s**t.

This type of car accident must happen hundreds of times every day

Parking lot battering ram action
Parking lot battering ram action | YouTube

A Toyota Camry was backing out of a parking space as a Hyundai Sonata drove by. The Camry driver backs into the Hyundai, which must happen 100 times a day. You have either done this yourself, been the victim, or at least know someone this has happened to. It is the definition of a car accident.

As this unfolds a bystander begins capturing the incident with her phone. For the woman driving the Camry, it is just one of those things. You would expect her to apologize, exchange insurance info, and hope her rates don’t go up.

As it turns out, a Camry works well as a battering ram

But no. Instead, this turned into her repeatedly backing into the Hyundai. Then she used her Camry as a battering ram to physically push it out of her way. Watch for yourself as the crazy unfolds.

Between hits, the woman yells at the stunned man driving the Hyundai to move his car. Then she pulls forward, kicks it into reverse, and backs into the Hyundai again as the man gets out. After ramming it yet again, the man frantically calls someone; we assume the police, to report what is happening. And it keeps happening. 

So he foolishly stands behind the Camry to block it from ramming his car some more. That was a bad idea as the woman keeps up in her determination to move anything and everything out of her way. Would you put yourself in harm’s way to save a Hyundai Sonata? 

The victim thinks he’s Superman or something

Parking lot battering ram action
Parking lot battering ram action | YouTube

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Not surprisingly, his attempts to become Superman and stop her car barehanded are unsuccessful. He almost gets run over numerous times. The man should have run for cover; as this is escalating quickly.

For her final flourish, she pushes the Hyundai out of the way, continues backing out, and flees the scene. Now it is a hit and run. Probably reckless driving. Plus, whatever else trying to run over someone is charged as. 

It is amazing that in this world people act this way. It is as if it is perfectly normal to use your car as a battering ram to move another car out of your way. Especially, when you’ve just hit the passing car. As Rodney King said, “Why can’t we all just get along?”