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Does Driving an SUV Give You a False Sense of Security?

If you have ever driven an SUV, then you probably know the feeling of having all of that metal and plastic surrounding you as well as all of the heft that comes with that added material. You probably let out a sigh of relief, thinking that all is well in the world because if anything …

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I Scrapped My Car, What Happens to it Now?

If you’ve ever heard of car scrapping, you probably think of those scenes in the movies where a car gets crushed by a giant machine. That isn’t exactly what happens when you sign your car over to the scrapyard. While it is true that many cars do end up getting squished, that doesn’t explain what …

Two Car Traffic Accident
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This Car Will Ruin Lives

As long as people think for themselves, there will always be differences of opinions. One person may think a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is beautiful, while the person standing next to them may think that the same car is an oversized relic that makes them vomit a little bit. But, what can not be argued are …

Motorcyclist hits jersey wall and then flies over railing.

Motorcycle Rider Hits Barrier, Flies Over Railing

Imagine you are minding your own business during your commute from work. Imagine someone switches lanes in front of you kind of quickly. Not hard to imagine, right? It happens every day for some of us. Now imagine that the person that switched lanes in front of you is a motorcyclist that, for whatever reason, got distracted in performing …

A car on fire in New Delhi, India

Mark Harmon and His Wife Have the Best Car Rescue Story in Hollywood

Lots of actors have played first responders, action heroes, and tough guys in movies and on TV. Most of us realize that the actors aren’t really the same as the characters they’re playing. For a few celebrities, though, they’ve had an opportunity to rescue someone in real life. Mark Harmon and his wife, Pam Dawber, …