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For many, paradise is dropping the top, shifting into 4-Lo, and hitting the trail. This dream has been out of reach of drivers of the latest generation Defender because Land Rover doesn’t offer a convertible. But now, a custom shop in the Netherlands called “Heritage Customs” is offering convertible conversions for your recent Defender.

Overhead view of a bright yellow Land Rover convertible custom.
Defender 90 Valiance Cabriolet | Heritage Customs

Heritage Customs isn’t some yahoo with a buzzsaw peeling Defenders’ roofs off. By all accounts, the coach builder does a top rate convertible conversion. After they remove the Defender’s hard top, they install a full roll cage that meets FIA spec. They also wire a new third tail light. The convertible Defender’s new soft top features semi-electric automated opening and closing.

The shop is insisting on renaming its custom Defender model names to the “Valiance.” I think “Defender cabriolet” would have been fine, but that’s just me. What I will say is that the shop built some especially fetching white steel rims for its original Defender cabriolet concept, the “Solihull.” So if I were having them convert a Defender, I’d definitely ask if they could scrounge any more of those up. The only model currently listed on their website is bright yellow, with matching yellow stitching added to the interior, and alloy rims.

Light green land rover convertible parked on a beach.
Defender 90 Valiance Cabriolet | Heritage Customs

The coach builder does say it has a few extra Defender 90s lying around, so with just a phone call you could get them started on one of those. But it won’t be cheap. If you roll up with your very own Defender 90 to convert, the cabriolet-ification process will set you back $90,000 minimum. And the current wait time for building them is at least 90 days.

That price is steep. But the wait time for such an involved process is surprisingly short. If these catch on at all, I imagine that will go up to a year or two.

See Heritage Custom’s building its Defender convertible for yourself in the video below: