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Volvo‘s cars have a reputation for unmatched safety. Whether pedestrian detection systems or side curtain airbags, these Swedish vehicles focus on safe transportation. They offer Scandinavian design, advanced powertrains, and plush interiors. Now, the XC90 third-row SUV carries on that tradition.

Recently, J.D. Power surveyed Volvo XC90 owners to find what they like most about their vehicles. Given Volvo’s history of innovations, the top-rated answer wasn’t a surprise.

Volvo XC90: What owners say about the midsize luxury SUV

J.D. Power is a respected source of automotive research and ratings. With its surveys of real owners, the site helps guide consumers in choosing a quality vehicle. Recently, J.D. Power conducted its 2022 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) study of Volvo XC90 owners. Besides learning that 52% of XC90 buyers are male, with a median age of 49, the survey asked participants to rank 10 aspects of their vehicles.

Here are the results, from most favorite to least favorite:

• Feeling of safety

• Exterior styling

• Driving feel

• Driving comfort

• Interior design

• Powertrain

• Setting up and starting

• Getting in and out

• Infotainment

• Fuel economy

With its long list of safety features—like driver assistance technology, a boron steel body structure, and seatbelt pre-tensioners—the XC90 makes every ride more secure. Its Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety+ demonstrates its excellent passenger protection.

With the Volvo XC90’s narrow headlights and taut styling, it has an appealing silhouette. While some SUVs just get the job done—with traditional bodywork and ordinary style—this Scandinavian sport utility has a unique look. Meanwhile, inside, the XC90 impresses with its elegant design, featuring top-rate materials and plush seating. It’s just a nice place to take a drive. And, for customers concerned about global warming and carbon emissions, the XC90’s mild hybrid powertrains offer efficiency and low emissions.

Still, even with so many positive attributes, safety continues as the Volvo XC90’s main selling point.

Volvo: A history of safety innovations

Driving involves many hazards. From inclement weather to oncoming traffic, risks surround automotive travel. For maximum security on the road, an exceedingly safe vehicle makes sense. Volvo specializes in that.

That’s why J.D. Power’s XC90 APEAL results mesh with Volvo’s reputation for unrivaled safety. While other companies may emphasize driving performance, Volvo concentrates on occupant protection. With its dedication to that for so long, Volvo’s become the brand to trust for secure driving.

Here are some of the Scandinavian company’s safety innovations:

• 1959: three-point safety belt

• 1991: side impact protection airbags

• 1998: whiplash protection system (WHIPS)

• 2002: rollover protection system (ROPS)

• 2010: pedestrian safety system

Riding in a Volvo brings an unmatched feeling of security, letting you enjoy the surroundings with less to worry about. Add in the company’s knack for design and road handling, and Volvo cars are the complete package.

J.D. Power’s APEAL study confirmed what Volvos are known for: safety unlike anything else. With the brand’s dedication to innovation spanning decades, buyers can know they’re driving something built for ultimate security. Additionally, for those in need of a modern SUV, the XC90 carries on that tradition.

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