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In today’s day and age, when looking for some clarification or information on car models, many consumers turn to professional platforms like Consumer Reports and Car and Driver. iSeeCars is another popular and well-known place drivers go to for guidance and to use their award-winning search engine tool.

Fortunately, iSeeCars recently released a feature revealing the automobile brand that is in the lead when it comes to owner satisfaction. Take a closer look at iSeeCars’ methodology and the data and evidence behind Volkswagen’s number one spot. 

The rising trend in hybrid cars

Hybrid cars have come a long way since the models’ initial introduction in the early 2000s. Data and research have shown that the trend surrounding the unique models continues to grow. Studies such as this one completed by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) indicate that many highly-anticipated changes and developments are still to come.

As the study said, “We are in the relatively early stages of a revolution in design and technology development that is impacting all aspects of the vehicle and of vehicle manufacturing.”

With that being said, drivers and consumers are probably going to want to know the ins-and-outs of hybrid vehicles and the automobile brands that are creating them. 

iSeeCars’ methodology broken down

iSeeCars has become a trusted and credible resource in the automobile industry. By providing valuable insights and helpful content, the extremely well-liked car search engine has been helping drivers make educated, informed, and empowered decisions.

But some people may be wondering how the Boston-based business comes to its conclusions. Like most things in life, iSeeCars does indeed have a method to the madness, so to speak. 

In the Hybrid-centered feature, iSeeCars broke down the details behind the results. As the article stated, “ analyzed over 900,000 used cars sold between January and early September 2020 from the 2012-2013 model years. The percentage of each vehicle sold by the original owner was modeled and used as an indicator of owner satisfaction.”

The large number of models that were taken into consideration quite literally speak volumes about iSeeCars‘ expertise and, more importantly, findings. 

A closer look at the study

Thanks to iSeeCars‘ “Hybrid Vehicles Lead in Owner Satisfaction” study drivers were able to see which automobile brand had the happiest customers.

Some drivers may have been pleasantly surprised to see Volkswagen as iSeeCars’ official winner. The German car company beat out Honda, Toyota, and Subaru. However, it was an extremely close call. There was only a .3 percentage difference between Volkswagen and Subaru, the incredibly close runner-up. 

Does Volkswagen make good cars?

Volkswagen cars on display at a dealership
A Volkswagen dealership | Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Historically speaking, Volkswagens’ ability to create models that are efficient, reliable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing are just a few of the reasons owners typically obsess over their models. Brauer, lending his expertise on the topic, shared (per the iSeeCars study), “Volkswagen targets consumers who want premium, well-engineered vehicles at an affordable price.”

The Golf and Passat are two of Volkswagen‘s most popular choices in regard to hybrids. People who are interested in hybrid vehicles definitely will want to keep their eyes and ears on Volkswagen to see what the automobile brand has in store next.


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