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If you’re the owner of a Tesla vehicle, keep your head on a swivel while supercharging. Tesla Supercharging stations have become a popular place for vandalizations recently. It’s a good thing people have dash cams and built-in Tesla sentry mode to identify the vandals. Why are vandals cutting Telsa Supercharger cables? It looks like the vehicles, cables, charging ports, and even the station itself are all targets.

Vandals are targeting Tesla Superchargers

Why are vandals cutting Tesla Supercharger Cables?
Tesla Model X at an EV charging station | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

According to Inside EVs, vandals have begun cutting Tesla DC fast-charging cables. They’re waiting for owners to park their vehicle at a station, then cutting the cable. Why would anyone do this, and what do they gain from it? Inside EVs says no one knows a particular reason, but there’s tons of speculation. A Redditor reported a frequent occurrence in Cincinnati, and a Tesla tech said the camera hasn’t been able to catch them.

Are the vandals angry with Tesla or Elon Musk? Do they just want to vandalize people’s property for the fun of it? In the same vein, how could they be making money from cutting cables? Our first thought would be attempting to steal cables or another part of the Superchargers. They’re stealing the cables, but often only small parts, and some are left behind. Are the vandals simply on a mission to bother the Tesla owners? Moreover, the vandals are hiding out of sight from the security cameras. Cables located in view of the cameras are never the ones being cut, only those hidden.

Are severed Tesla Supercharger cables valuable?

Vandals are stealing the cables after cutting them off from the stations. What’s inside the cables that the vandals might want? The only reason we can think of is that they’re selling them for a profit. Inside Tesla Supercharger cables is copper, which is pretty expensive. Are people targeting these stations just to sell a little copper? Another video shared on Reddit suggests otherwise.

In an LA parking garage, user u/Skilled626 posted a video of them walking through, pointing out the cut cables. However, this video shows one thing that might disprove the theory of the vandals trying to make cash from the copper. Each cable is still hanging from the station, with about a foot of cable remaining. If the vandals were trying to sell the materials, wouldn’t they cut as close to the end as possible to maximize profit? It doesn’t look like these criminals even attempted to acquire the entire thing.

Why are vandals cutting and stealing Tesla Supercharger cables?

Why are vandals cutting Tesla Supercharger cables? Money seems like the most obvious answer, but evidence in these videos says otherwise. Vandals who are smart enough to dodge security cameras would be smart enough to take the entire cable to get all the copper. Is there some sort of anti-EV movement we don’t know about? We’re not sure, but there’s always the option of it simply being young people getting into trouble for fun. Although, we don’t really know why vandals are cutting Telsa Supercharger cables.


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