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With Tesla’s recently announced plans to open up its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles, it’s no surprise that the Tesla Supercharger network is expanding. Currently, Tesla’s Superchargers are plentiful, while electric vehicles charging stations by independent charging companies are somewhat more difficult to find. Tesla’s move will increase the ability for all electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicle, and may lead to an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road. 

A Tesla Supercharger against a sky.
Tesla Supercharger | Tesla

Tesla already has more charging stations than any other electric vehicle charging company 

If you have a Tesla, you already know that it isn’t too difficult to find a Supercharger. Tesla is very careful and intentional with their Supercharger placement, putting them in spots where large number of Teslas tend to be. According to Electrek, Tesla had 26,900 chargers at 2,965 charging stations around the world. 

While this number may sound like a lot, Superchargers can get pretty busy. This is especially true during winter months in cold climates, when electric vehicles have less range. To combat this, Tesla has taken several initiatives, including setting charging limits, charging idle fees, and offering discounts to charge in off-peak hours. Still, allowing all electric vehicles to charge at Tesla’s Superchargers won’t help the crowding problem, and Tesla is taking action. 

Tesla is on a major hiring spree

In order to get ahead of the projected demand once Tesla opens up its charging network, Tesla is on a major hiring spree. They’ve been posting job listings for Supercharger designers, so that they may construct new Supercharger sites.

According to a map shared by Electrek, Tesla plans on expanding Supercharger sites, particularly in cities and other urban areas. Electrek notes that the amount of Superchargers in cities like Los Angeles and Houston will nearly double. 

The advantage to Tesla is multifaceted. They will certainly benefit from advertising the Tesla experience at their Superchargers. They may also benefit from a government incentive. The government just passed $7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The caveat is that it go to charging stations that allow charging of more than one type of vehicle. 

When will Tesla open up its network to other EV’s?

Tesla plans on opening up its network to other electric vehicles later on in 2021. Initially it wasn’t clear exactly how other electric vehicles would utilize Tesla’s Superchargers. While in Europe EV chargers are a standard size, that isn’t the case in the United States. That means that Tesla’s Superchargers use a different charger than those of other electric vehicles, and an adapter will be necessary. 

At first it wasn’t clear whether Tesla would supply adapters at their Supercharger sites, or if car manufacturers would need to make their own. Now the plan is for adapters to be available. All owners of other EV’s would need to do is to download the Tesla app to be able to use the Supercharger. 

With the Tesla Supercharger network expanding, it’s hopeful that all EV owners will benefit. Decreasing range anxiety by increasing electric vehicle charging access will allow more people to charge their electric vehicles, and may help those on the fence about EVs feel comfortable buying an electric vehicle.


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