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One of the significant hurdles of Tesla ownership is the learning curve of charging your electric vehicle as you drive around. So, where can you charge a Tesla on a date? Check out these charging options, including regular charging, Tesla Supercharger stations, and conveniently located charging spots for date night.

You can charge a Tesla at a movie theatre in many places or head to a state park

Convenient places to charge a Tesla on a date
Tesla electric vehicles are parked at Tesla Supercharger stations on the EUREF campus in Berlin-Schöneberg | Bernd von Jutrczenka/picture alliance via Getty Images

As movie theatres try to bring more people in post-pandemic, many have partnered with electric vehicle charging companies. Business Wire says that Volta recently partnered with Cinemark Theatres to offer 100 minutes of charging for those catching a movie. Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO of Volta, says, “this is an opportunity to provide a meaningful charging experience to EV drivers at locations where they already plan to spend a substantial amount of time.” Mercer went on to say that this “ultimately translates to customers understanding that charging infrastructure can be a convenient, accessible and reliable service that is part of everyday life.”

Most movie theatres in the country have some electric vehicle chargers upfront to make for easy access. Depending on the town’s size, there might only be a few chargers available. However, a movie is the perfect amount of time to get some charge and head onto the next adventure.

Depending on your location, many state parks have Tesla chargers and electric vehicle chargers for patrons. Looking at the PlugShare map with over 440,000 charging stations, a few parks pop up. The Ute Lake State Park in Logan, New Mexico has two kinds of chargers. The Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, South Caroline has a variety of chargers. This charging station is free to use with a day pass or annual park pass, too!.

Tesla destination charging at restaurants and shopping centers

The company says it has more than 4,500 destination charging stations in North America on the Tesla site. These spots are supposed to allow drivers to charge a Tesla in convenient places you might already be stopping at. That means many restaurants and social places have chargers these days. For instance, Clemson Brothers Brewery in Middletown, New York, has some chargers for customers’ convenience. The Rush Street Neighborhood Grill in Kingsport, Tennessee, has some chargers, too. California was working on adding chargers to local Taco Bell drive-throughs. Many restaurants and breweries have chargers these days to allow people to charge a Tesla for an hour and be on the way to the next destination. This allows more people to use the chargers, too.

Most malls and shopping centers have also added chargers. If the mall itself doesn’t have a set of chargers, one of the major stores likely will. Best Buy and Nordstrom are known for having chargers out front. Since malls are usually located in populated areas, having a set of Tesla Superchargers or regular chargers is convenient for bringing people in.

Check out an art museum and check into a hotel

Looking for a bit of culture? Check out a museum that offers ways to charge a Tesla. Artis is the Home of The Baker Museum and the Naples Philharmonic in Naples, Florida, and it has a few destination chargers for patrons. The Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York, also has chargers for people to use. As charging expands across the U.S., more and more museums and hip places are adding chargers. Spend a little time looking at art and come out with a charged vehicle. Not a bad trade-off.

Finally, a significant amount of hotels offer electric vehicle chargers these days. It is a good idea to check in with the hotel ahead of time or use the Tesla Destination Charger map to confirm the chargers are there. It also might be a good idea to call and verify the Tesla chargers are working ahead of time. Some Tesla and electric vehicle owners have reported making it to a hotel without much charge and finding a broken charger, putting people in a sticky situation.

There are many options these days for convenient ways to charge a Tesla on a date. It might not always include your desired location, but a museum, restaurant, mall, or Taco Bell nearby might have an electric vehicle charging option. In conclusion, check the Tesla Destination Charger link above for Tesla-specific options or the PlugShare Map with over 440,000 charging locations.


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