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Freedom to roam, a new landscape every day, social media clout; benefits abound for those living the van life. And now there’s a way to make living in a camper van even more granola: make it an EV. A new startup called Grounded offers camper conversions for the Ford E-Transit electric cargo van. Place an order, and soon you’ll be hopping national parks in zero-emission bliss. 

A startup is ready to turn your E-Transit into an EV camper

A head-on view of the new Grounded G1 electric camper conversion van.
Grounded G1 Camper Conversion Van | BusinessWire, Grounded

Those looking to turn their van excursions into zero-emission events need look no further than Grounded. The startup says it’s ready to produce and deliver its new camper van conversion called the Grounded G1. According to MotorTrend, Grounded has gone from its founding in August to production capability in just a few months. It just goes to show there’s no time like the present to take advantage of the blossoming EV renaissance. 

To make the G1, Grounded starts with a Ford E-Transit work van. It makes sense, as the E-Transit is essentially an empty box on wheels with an electric powertrain. It comes with 266 horsepower, 317 pound-feet of torque, and a range of around 126 miles. According to MotorTrend, the E-Transit can haul an impressive 3,800 pounds of cargo – perfect for delivery duties or camper conversions. 

Ford began producing electric versions of its Transit van in 2022. The move has helped Ford become the second-best EV seller by volume in the U.S. by leveraging fleet EV sales. 

Evidently, some of those sales are going to Grounded. The startup up-fits each van with full living accommodations like a bed, sink, seating area, and more. But its ace is the Grounded+ app. According to MotorTrend, the app offers control and access to a wide range of smart functions inside the G1 camper van. 

How much is a Ford E-Transit camper van?

The interior space of a new Grounded G1 camper conversion for the Ford E-Transit.
Grounded G1 Camper Conversion | BusinessWire, Grounded

An E-Transit camper conversion isn’t cheap. Grounded says the G1 will start around $125,000. That’s about $70,000 more than the starting price of a base Ford E-Transit cargo van – the price to pay for van life amenities. As MotorTrend points out, however, the starting price is relatively reasonable for a camper version compared to the competition. The Grounded G1 could be a good buy for those on the market for a more efficient camper. 

Is the Ford E-Transit a good electric van?

The Ford E-Transit is excellent in some areas and less excellent in others. For one, it’s based on a successful existing cargo van platform. The Transit itself has been a staple of work fleets for a decade since the Econoline retired. But there’s also a drawback to the E-Transit: its range isn’t impressive. A 126-mile range may be ok for a daily delivery route, but it might also scare off drivers who want road trip capabilities. 

Some might argue that it’s a good electric van for simply existing in the first place as an EV delivery vehicle option. Amazon has already jumped on the EV delivery idea through its van partnership with Rivian. But those electric vans are exclusive to Amazon so far. The E-Transit allows any business or person to take advantage of EV van convenience – even if they just want to go camping. 


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