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At some point, you have probably received a package from Amazon. While these packages can come from a variety of carriers, sometimes they come from an Amazon delivery van or vehicle. And now, those delivery vans are getting an electric makeover, courtesy of Rivian. 

Who makes Amazon delivery vans?

The future of Amazon package delivery goes to the Rivian car company. Rivian is a manufacturer that is dedicated to building electric vehicles, and it is helping Amazon hit its climate pledge. 

Currently, the marketplace uses vans like the Ram ProMaster and Ford Transit. But that will likely change in the near future. Amazon has partnered with Rivian to make an exclusive electric delivery van, and it looks pretty friendly. 

Rivian has delivered 1,000 Amazon vans

Amazon is quickly ramping up its use of electric delivery vans. Rivian Amazon vans are being used in Austin, Boston, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Madison, Newark, New York, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Portland, Provo, and Salt Lake City. There are also other smaller cities that have seen this new EV make deliveries. 

An electric Rivian delivery van is the future of Amazon deliveries.
Amazon Delivery Van | Amazon

The exterior of the Rivian delivery van looks non-threatening. And apparently, that was done on purpose. This vehicle will be functioning in cities and neighborhoods, so it makes sense that it looks “happy.” 

Amazon is not the only delivery service to be taking advantage of EV technology. The United States Postal Service is phasing out the Grumman LLV in favor of the Oshkosh NGDV. This new mail truck has the ability to come outfitted with an electric powertrain. And that should help USPS cut down on its environmental impact. 

How many electric vans has Amazon ordered?

According to Car and Driver, Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 units of the Rivian electric delivery van. The van is available in multiple configurations, including a RHD model for international use. The goal is to get all of the EVs in operation by 2030, with thousands being put to work by the end of 2022. 

An EV delivery van made by Rivian for Amazon.
Rivian delivery van | Rivian

Rivian electric vans have already delivered over five million Amazon packages. And that number is only going to increase as more and more of these EVs enter service. You might have opinions about Amazon, but it is cool to see a company that is willing to embrace the future of the automotive industry. 

Amazon first invested in Rivian back in 2019. It invested $700 million dollars at the time, and that’s no spare amount of money. Rivian is currently known for its electric pickup truck and EV SUV. But soon, you might see one in your driveway delivering a package. 

What is Rivian?

Rivian is an electric vehicle company that was first founded in 2009. It’s been a slow go to see Rivians in sizable numbers on American roads finally, but depending on where you live, you have likely encountered one. 

The Rivian delivery van is Amazon's new mode of transportation.
Amazon delivery truck | Amazon
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The company has received investments from Amazon, Ford, and others. Now, that investment from Amazon is paying off. As the brand starts to utilize Rivian delivery vans in mass numbers.