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If you’re interested in a 2022 pickup truck, you might value interior quality. Interiors are as luxurious as any luxury SUV or sedan in modern trucks. Gone are the days of the base-model workhorse truck without any features. US News & World Report compiled its list of the most luxurious trucks in 2022. The publication’s judgments are based on how upscale the interior of each model feels. However, it might surprise you that the popular Toyota Tacoma is US News’ least luxurious truck of 2022.

How does US News judge the truck’s interior quality?

The sporty interior of a 2022 Ram 1500 TRX full-size pickup truck. Luxury interior is one of the standout features.
2022 Ram 1500 TRX interior | Ram

Firstly, the reviewers judge the trucks on the quality of the interior. This includes comfort, soft-touch materials, noise level, and more. Sitting inside the most luxurious trucks isn’t much different than an Audi or Lexus SUV. For 2022, many experts agree on which pickup has the highest quality interior. Across the board, you’ll find many rankings placing the Ram 1500 first. US News’ list is no different, but the least luxurious option is what’s surprising.

The Toyota Tacoma is US News’ least luxurious truck in 2022

US News' least luxurious pickup truck might surprise you. it's the 2022 Toyota Tacoma, which experts agree has a lackluster interior quality.
2022 Toyota Tacoma Interior | Toyota

Overall, US News gave the Toyota Tacoma an interior score of 6/10. That’s the lowest of any model, but only .1-point behind the Ford Ranger Lariat. Moreover, the reviewer noted that the Tacoma has terrific off-road capability and provides an impressive list of standard driver assistance features. Features like forward collision avoidance, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high beams are all available.

Additionally, the best version of the Tacoma interior comes with the Limited trim level. Furthermore, customers who opt for the Limited model get leather upholstery, heated front seats, a JBL premium stereo, a moonroof, and rear parking sensors. Therein lies the problem, the Limited trim is far too expensive to be the first high-quality interior model.

2022 Toyota Tacoma: High-quality interior at a high price

Toyota Tacoma - US News' least luxurious pickup truck might surprise you, experts agree it has a lackluster interior quality.
2022 Toyota Tacoma Interior | Toyota

For the Limited trim level, buyers will need to pay a minimum of $41,120 after destination fees. That’s roughly $13,000 more than the base SR model and even $6,000 more expensive than the popular TRD Sport trim. Car and Driver recommend buying the TRD Off-Road model, which is around $5,000 cheaper than the Tacoma Limited.

According to Car and Driver, the Tacoma interior feels outdated overall. A high-quality, borderline luxury interior is expected in modern trucks and present in models like the Ram 1500 and Honda Ridgeline. However, even the best versions of the Tacoma fail to impress. Most notably, the materials used inside the Tacoma make it feel like pickups of old, and not in a good way.

“The utilitarian layout and materials are of a different era. The higher trim levels rely heavily on hard plastics and minimalistic materials,” Car and Driver said in its review.

In addition, CAD called the rear legroom inside the Tacoma “abysmal.” A spacious back seat is one of the most vital features for modern pickup trucks, and Toyota’s midsize option fails to deliver.

Experts agree the Tacoma interior needs updating

Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, and US News are some of the most well-respected automotive reviewers globally. Each agrees that the 2022 Toyota Tacoma lacks in several ways. Upscale interiors are expected even in the cheapest trims in the modern era. That’s why models like the Honda Ridgeline and Ram 1500 are so well-reviewed. For now, one of the most popular pickups in the world has the worst interior quality. That’s why US News’ least luxurious pickup truck might surprise you.


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