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Besides the TRD Pro trim, the Limited model is the best 2022 Toyota Tacoma money can buy. However, it’s pretty expensive, especially compared to the lower trim levels. With options like the Tacoma SR, SR5, TRD Sport, and TRD Off-Road available, what does the Limited do to make it worth so much more money? Is the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Limited really worth $40K?

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma Limited costs $40K

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Out of six Toyota Tacoma trim levels, the Limited is the second most expensive behind only the TRD Pro. TRD Pros come with off-road features and TRD Pro-specific parts and accessories. The Limited trim is the best model available if you don’t want any of those. What’s so great about it, and is it really worth $40,000?

Here’s what comes with a Toyota Tacoma Limited

2022 Toyota Tacoma on the rocks, is the Limited trim really worth $40K?
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There are loads of features that come with every Tacoma model, but which ones are exclusive to the Limited trim? Firstly, according to Toyota, the Limited model is the only one that comes standard with heated leather-trimmed front seats. Additionally, it gets exclusive 18-inch polished alloy wheels, which become dark smoke wheels with black wheel locks and lug nuts if you opt for the short bed. Next, LED headlights with daytime running lights, a panoramic view monitor with a camera, and black-bezel LED foglights are all Limited exclusives.

However, there are plenty more desirable features with the Tacoma Limited. These include Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, blind spot monitor, power moonroof, a premium JBL audio system with dynamic navigation, a smart key system, Toyota Safety Sense, and more. If you want a midsize pickup truck with all the bells and whistles, the Toyota Tacoma Limited has everything you need.

2022 Toyota Tacoma: trims and prices

The first thing that makes the Tacoma Limited price worth it or not is the other trims and their prices. If other trims provide as much or similar equipment for less cost, the Tacoma Limited isn’t worth the premium price. The other models are SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro. TRD Pro is the only one more expensive than Limited. Toyota’s most affordable entry-level trim, SR, starts at only $26,500.

2022 Toyota Tacoma TrimPrice
TRD Sport$33.410
TRD Off-Road$34,690
TRD Pro$45,935
Trims and prices from Toyota.

How does the Tacoma Limited price compare to other top trims in its class?

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Sure, the Tacoma’s top trim is a little expensive, but how does it compare to other models? Firstly, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the most expensive model available, and it’s over $45,395 without adding a single feature. Not to mention, the Colorado’s base model is also a few thousand more than the Tacoma. Next, the Honda Ridgeline starts at a whopping $37,640, according to Honda. Its highest trim levels, RTL-E and Black Edition start at $43,570 and $45,070.

Overall, compared to some of the best options in its class, the Tacoma is well-priced. For years it’s been the best-selling model in its class, and for a good reason. Reviewers like Car and Driver recommend the TRD Off-Road trim as the best version of the Tacoma. For most people, TRD Sport or Off-Road are probably the best choices. The two don’t jump in price much from the lower trims but provide more features, tech, and safety.

In conclusion, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Limited trim is worth its $40,000 price tag. However, most people will be more than satisfied with some more affordable options. Since the Tacoma is a class leader, you can’t go wrong with any trim level. Regardless of where you land, it’ll likely be more affordable than the Chevy Colorado and Honda Ridgeline, plus be a better all-around pickup truck.


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