Unveiling of the 2022 Honda Civic Shows It’s Still Running the Show

The Honda Civic has long since been one of the best cars on the consumer market. Whether you want to latest and greatest model year or something used that you can rely on, the Civic always seems to be the answer. Even more than that, the Civic has been a part of car culture for decades, being a vehicle that can be affordably modified, has plenty of body styles to choose from, and can be easy to work on. With the unveiling of yet another model year, Honda is just showing off how the Honda Civic is still running the show.

The History of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has been around for so long that it’s just become a car that seems to have always been around. Of course, it wasn’t always around, and it was only introduced with its first production year in 1972 and quickly became a popular option because of Honda’s history of reliability and the overall affordability of the car. As time passed, the Civic grew to be more and more popular, seeming to offer quite a few different things for different drivers.

An image of the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype in a studio.
2022 Honda Civic Prototype | Honda

The well-rounded option

There are so many reasons why someone might be interested in a Civic. As a car for a first-time driver, these reliable options have just about everything you could want for a car of its price. As a family vehicle, it has spacious back seats in the sedan model and a very usable amount of trunk space that can fit your soccer bags and all of your groceries. If you want something that makes it easy to learn how to modify cars or something that is inexpensive to repair and customize, the answer is still a resounding: Honda Civic.

2020 Honda Civic Type R is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show
The 2020 Honda Civic Type R | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Many years to come

Cars can be discontinued for several different reasons. Whether they just don’t hit the ground running or are being phased out to make room for newer models. Whatever the reason may be, we anticipate many more years to come with the Honda Civic, and perhaps our sneak preview is the brand’s way of letting us know that the Civic is still dominating in the world of cars.

A 2018 Honda Civic on display at an auto show
A 2018 Honda Civic is on display | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The 2020 Honda Civic Si — Sporty but Not Uncomfortable

The unveiling of the 2020 Honda Civic might just add another car onto your list of things to anticipate, especially as this year comes to a close. For the heritage of the car, it really shows just how versatile and well-loved Honda was able to make it, and it seems like it is still running the show all these years later.