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Last month, van life couple and TikTokers Jon and Krisha posted a unique interaction with a highly intelligent canine. The dog, a Great Pyrenees, stopped their vehicle on a quiet New Mexico road. The clip of what the couple discovered next has been viewed 2.8 million times and is embedded below.

While traveling down a rural paved New Mexico two-lane in their Ford Transit build, the Milwaukee-based nomads noticed a shaggy mountain dog casually shepherding a group of goats. The dog confidently walked up to the vehicle. It stood in front of them and clearly attempted to communicate.

Initially, the couple thought the dog was making sure they stopped long enough to let baby goats cross without issue. However, when the couple started down the road, they heard something crying.

A Great Pyrenees dog shown in close view sitting looking back at the camera smiling
Caet Moir via iStock

“Oh my goodness, are you stuck?”

Krisha soon located the source of the yelping. A cream-colored goat was dangling from a low-branched tree nearby. Its front leg was caught over a limb, too high to lift itself up and off. It took both Jon and Krisha to lift the distressed animal out of its self-inflected trap.

All the while, the Great Pyrenees stood next to the goat, wagging its tail and excitedly barking at Krisha.

Once the goat was freed, it ran to join its herd. The pup ran right behind the goat to catch up to the rest of the clan without a single backward glance.

In the end, the dedicated Great Pyrenees seemed to be lingering with the herd by the trapped goat. The van life couple had no way of telling how long the goat had been stuck or how long it would have taken for anyone else to find it and help.


Only a few scratches and bruises but who knows how long he would be dangling there if I didn’t see/hear him up on that hill. #goats #goatsoftiktok #greatpyrenees #dogsoftiktok #dogs #helping #helpinganimals

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Jon and Krisha have been dedicated to van life since March 2022, after selling their stuff, and Krisha quit her former job. You can follow their story via their TokTok account, @vanswerthecall.