Ultra-Rare $3 Million Ferrari F50 Gets Split in Half for a Major Service

The Ferrari F50 is undoubtedly up there with some of the greatest models the Italian carmaker has ever produced. However, buying a Ferrari costs more than its base price. In fact, many of these specialized models require major services done by specific mechanics.

Today we’re covering a major Ferrari F50 posted on YouTube by John Temerian, owner of Curated, a vintage supercar dealership in Miami. Also, the title is by no means an exaggeration. You literally have to split this $3 million car apart.

Why would anyone split their Ferrari F50 in half?

Believe it or not, there is a very good reason why you have to split apart your Ferrari F50 to service it. This all surrounds its naturally-aspirated V12 engine. The engine itself essentially came straight out of a Formula 1 car, albeit with some major changes. Regardless, it was bolted directly onto the F50’s carbon-fiber chassis.

While the Ferrari F50’s structure made it a very unique supercar, it also created an unusual problem. To remove the engine for a major service, The Drive reports that you have to remove the entire rear subframe and transaxle. Since you can keep the car’s entire rear put together, some mechanics opt to split the car in half to save time and money.

However, the Ferrari F50 covered in Temerian’s newest video is getting an additional restoration on top of a service. This includes sourcing some of the original fabric material used in the interior and refreshing any tired components. As you might expect, these things aren’t exactly cheap.

How much does this service cost?

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Since the Ferrari F50 is extremely rare, service costs aren’t readily available. However, an ancient post on Ferrari Chat saw some F50 owners chime in with figures. According to user 410SA, it cost them around $7,500 for a clutch replacement back in 2003. If we had to guess, that figure is likely significantly more expensive by 2021 standards.

A different Ferrari F50 owner chimed in on the same thread with a drastically different figure. According to user DodgeViper01, a major service and disassembly of an F50 cost upwards of $100,000 back in 2003. Since the car covered in Temerian’s newest video is undergoing a major service and restoration, it could easily cost well over six figures.

What makes the particular Ferrari F50 covered in Temerian’s video extra special is that it is the very first production car. Since this supercar is chassis #001, it requires extra preservation care to ensure that its over $3 million value remains intact. We estimate that this only increases the repair bill.

What makes the F50 so special?

An image of a Ferrari F50 parked outside.
Ferrari F50 | Getty Images

Aside from its tremendous value, the Ferrari F50 is a very special supercar. As mentioned earlier, its engine comes straight out of a Formula 1 car. However, Jalopnik reported that the 3.5-liter V12 grew to 4.7-liters before used in the production car. Total power output was rated at 513-hp and 347 lb-ft.

Thanks to the Ferrari F50’s racing heritage, its overall structure was unique as well. Aside from having a chassis made out of carbon fiber, its engine, suspension, and transmission were directly next to one another. As you can imagine, this also gave it some very distinct handling characteristics. Thanks to this newest YouTube video, you also know how much it takes to keep one of these supercars going properly.