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Starting with a basic GMC Hummer EV, GM Defense conjured up this military-spec Electric Military Concept Vehicle (EMCV). Catchy name, don’t you agree? Or not. Anyway, GM took a standard Hummer and stripped it down to bare essentials, then began modifying it based on military parameters. GM wants the EMCV to show GM Defense’s “ability to leverage advanced commercial technologies to help global defense and government customers transition to a more electric, autonomous, and connected future.”

As this off-roader starts off as a Hummer, that means it also starts with a 212-kWh battery powering three motors with 1,000 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. We don’t know if GM juiced up those numbers for this exercise. But whatever performance specs the production Hummer touts gets much better by removing anything unnecessary for military use. 

What does the mil-spec Hummer feature that production versions don’t?

GM Defense GMC Hummer EV mil-spec concept in grassy field
GM Defense GMC Hummer EV mil-spec concept | General Motors

Still, GM Defense says it should get close to the range the production Hummer gets at 329 miles. But if this range is not good enough, there is also a small diesel engine range extender for those needing added distance. GM says the battery can be charged 350 kw in 12 minutes, adding an additional 100 miles. And the production version’s Silent Watch and Silent Drive enhance the ECMV’s low acoustic and thermal signatures. 

Of course, those components necessary to make this a mil-spec vehicle means plenty of weight is added. But before all of that, GM Defense installed Fox performance shocks, 37-inch tires, heavy-duty brakes, and improved approach and departure angles from a lift kit. This is a similar approach to how GM Defense attacked the Chevrolet/GMC Colorado/Canyon military vehicles. 

GM Defense GMC Hummer EV mil-spec concept in military environment
GM Defense GMC Hummer EV mil-spec concept | General Motors

It also features a 45-inch gun ring, swing side-arm mounts, and it can handle six soldiers. Additionally, a tubular roll cage protects troops in case of a rollover. GM says this military Hummer concept has been in development for over two years. 

GM Defense has already provided a mil-spec Hummer to the U. S. Army. It is also testing an electric Canoo truck beside the Colorado and Hummer. The EMCV was just unveiled at last week’s Modern Day Marine 2023 expo in Washington, D.C. 

Original Army Humvee military vehicle in Afganistan
Original Army Humvee military vehicle | General Motors

The Army is already on record of planning to be net zero by 2050. Of course, a concerted worldwide effort to resolve conflicts without the use of military force will get them to net zero much sooner. What strikes many as ironic is that the original Hummer was based on the military AM General Humvee. So now, we have a military Hummer based on a civilian Hummer EV. Who would have thought?


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