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Taking your driving test is a formative experience. It’s nerve-wracking, and it’s not uncommon to wonder if you’ve done well enough to pass. Usually, it goes off without a hitch or at least without any major issues. But some people know for sure they didn’t pass. In fact, they failed spectacularly. That’s what happened to a teen who crashed right into a DMV building where she was taking her test.

And this isn’t the first time accidents like this have occurred.

A student driver slammed into a DMV building during her driving test

The teen driver crashed an Chevy Traverse similar to this 2011 model
The teen driver crashed a Chevy Traverse similar to this 2011 model | Peter Kramer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

A Minnesota teen was taking a driving test at a DMV in Buffalo, Minnesota, in 2018. While trying to back a Chevy Traverse out of a parking space, the 17-year-old accidentally shifted into drive instead of reverse.

The SUV smashed through a window, took down part of a brick wall, and caused “significant” damage to the building where the DMV was located, the Buffalo Police Department in Minnesota reported.

The driving examiner had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. But the 60-year-old’s injuries were non-life-threatening. 

The teen was identified only as female, and no charges were pending, the police said. 

However, Twitter had a field day with it.

Social media reacts to the outlandish accident

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to react to the news after SFGate posted about the incident.

“Somehow, I feel like they passed … also got approved to drive for Uber at the same time!” one user joked.

Another tweeted a GIF of the iconic scene in Clueless when Alicia Silverstone’s character says, “Oops! My bad!” during her doomed driving test.

Yet another surmised the driver had been watching too many Fast & Furious movies. 

But some Twitter users came to the teen’s defense, saying nobody’s perfect.

Another user commiserated with her:

“She probably did it on purpose tbh. She hates the DMV just like every other American. Don’t blame her one bit.”

He added, “Someday when she’s 32 and she’s been at the DMV for 2 hours just to find out she has to pay $30 for them to get her name right on her registration, she’ll look back and think, ‘Yeah, I don’t regret that AT ALL.'”

This wasn’t the only accident at the DMV

Believe it or not, other people have run into DMV offices.

According to WTNH News 8 in Hartford, Connecticut, another 17-year-old student was trying to back into a parking spot at the Waterbury DMV in 2018. But she made a mistake and completely messed up. Instead of stopping in the parking space, the student hit the gas on her Toyota Prius

WTNH said that as the car reversed, it knocked over signs, mauled bushes, and crashed through a glass window into a lobby full of people waiting to be seen. 

One DMV customer, Keisha Smoakes, was knocked over in the chaos. “It was very horrifying,” she said of the crash. Paramedics checked her out and determined she wasn’t badly injured. In fact, she kept her spot in line and finished her business at the DMV later that day.

Another customer at the scene was Chris Burke. He said some people panicked, and everyone tried to protect themselves. However, when the dust settled, most people just wanted to ensure they still had their place in line.

Fortunately, no one sustained major injuries. That includes the unnamed teen student and the driving instructor in the car with her.

Let’s hope these teens practiced, retook the driving test, and passed.


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