John Cena on His Favorite ‘Fast and Furious’ Car: ‘Without That, We Don’t Have Any Fast or Furious’

Unless you live off-grid or have been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the fan-favorite movie franchise Fast and Furious. Even if you’re one of the few people who has never seen any iconic movies, you likely know a few things about them. First, you probably recognize some of the considerable star power with the likes of Vin Diesel. Secondly, the edge-of-your-seat adventures in these movies center around some of the fastest and widely respected sports and muscle cars.

In the latest installment, called F9, John Cena joins the cast. In a recent interview promoting the movie, Cena shares what Fast and Furious car he believes is the most important model of all. Without it, he insists, there would be no movie franchise.

‘F9’ is all about family and, yes, fast cars

Jona Cena on the red carpet at the F9 premiere
John Cena at the ‘F9’ premiere | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The Fast and Furious franchise launched back in 2001, telling the story of an undercover cop infiltrating street racing culture, falling in love, and joining a kindred family. The latest release, F9, brings back many of the original cast members and introduces a few new faces, including WWE legend John Cena.  According to IMDb, Cena plays Vin Diesel’s brother, keeping the Fast and Furious centered around a family theme. However, while there is always plenty of star power throughout the popular franchise, some fans will tell you what they appreciate most in these films are the cars. 

These movies deliver high-octane adventures, speedy chase scenes, and heroic car stunts. Across all nine movies, you’ll see cars ranging from beefed-up muscle models to elegant luxury performers. However, in John Cena’s recent Variety interview, he believes only one model deserves top props. 

John Cena’s favorite franchise car

In a recent Variety feature, the team asked a few Fast and Furious cast members to share their favorite cars from the series of movies. Cena weighed in with his thoughts, pointing out none may be more iconic than “Dom’s Charger.” He says that the original Dodge Charger Vin Diesel drove might even rival the Aston Martin of “James Bond” fame in terms of iconic cinematic history. 

However, the Charger is not actually Cena’s favorite. In fact, he says the green Mitsubishi Eclipse, featured in the first Fast and Furious film, is his favorite. Without that lime green car, “Brian doesn’t take Dom to the limit,” and ultimately, the duo wouldn’t have bonded without the Eclipse. Without that first bond between an undercover cop and a criminal, there wouldn’t be a Fast and Furious story to tell.

Other sweet ‘Fast and Furious’ rides


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Vox suggests the franchise’s success is due to the ability of characters and cars to “level up” with each installation, much like video game characters do. As you can imagine, with nine movies, there is plenty of screen time for some of the world’s finest rides. Some of the most impressive cars featured on-screen include the Toyota Supra and the Honda S2000. Another favorite for many fans is the Dodge Viper.

Actor Jordana Brewster admitted she would love to take “Letty’s red 1965 Corvette for a spin” and enjoyed driving the 1966 Ford GT40 in Fast Five from 2009. Tyrese Gibson said it was “love at first sight” when he laid eyes on the 2004 Bentley GT. Another top pick among fans is the Mazda RX-7 FD.

Fast and Furious fans have another installment in the popular movie franchise to enjoy. Furthermore, the actors seem to be as enthusiastic about the sweet rides as the fans. John Cena may have a point, though: Without that Mitsubishi Eclipse, there might not be a bond worth supporting through nine movies and counting.