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After the Ford Ranger was discontinued in 2011 for North America, the Ford brand did not offer a mid-size truck. That was until the Ranger was reintroduced for 2019. Coming on the T6 platform, the new Ford Ranger may be a bit dated. Especially when noting that the worldwide market now has the second generation of this platform. But until that update arrives in the states, the 2022 Ford Ranger offers features that help to make it a competent off-road vehicle. 

What is the Tremor Off-Road package?

The Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck ready for off-road adventures.
2022 Ford Ranger | Ford

The Tremor Off-Road package is an available equipment option offered to the 2022 Ford Ranger. It adds a variety of off-road features which allows the Ranger to take full advantage of its status as a mid-size truck, according to Car and Driver. It adds features like trail control as well as a management system for various terrains. Which will improve off-road performance.

Included with the Tremor package are FOX shocks, an off-road suspension, and front and rear tow hooks. Additionally, running boards and toggle switches for accessories are likely to be appreciated.

Which Rangers offer the Tremor package?

Unfortunately, the Tremor package is not available to all Ford Ranger models. Both the Lariat and XLT models will allow you to option on this package. Meaning you can not get it on the base XL model.

The Tremor Off-Road package costs $4,290 for the 2022 model year. So, unless you plan on regularly off-roading your mid-size truck, it is probably not worth buying. The FX4 Off-Road package adds some off-road features and only costs $1,295 to equip. Which may be a better option for some.

Is the 2022 Ford Ranger good off-road?

The 2022 Ford Ranger featuring the FX-4 package demonstrates its capability as a mid-size truck.
2022 Ford Ranger | Ford

Because of the available off-road packages and optional four-wheel drive, the Ford Ranger can make for a decent off-road vehicle. The available electronic shift-on-the-fly shifting allows easy shifting between 4WD modes. 

Additionally, an available electronically-locking rear differential will help this truck keep traction. Even when the going gets tough.

What is the FX4 Off-Road package?

The FX4 package does not come as well equipped as the Tremor package. But it is notably cheaper and is available on all trim levels. It adds skid plates, power-assisted steering, and tuned shocks. 

And at under half of the cost of the Tremor package, it may be more ideal for more shoppers. For those that do not need the capability of the Tremor or FX4 package, there is the FX2 package. 

The FX2 package adds the locking differential, off-road suspension, and a steel bash plate. It also delivers on other visual upgrades for a more aggressive look.

Should you wait for the 2023 Ford Ranger?

The 2022 Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck ready to go off-road.
2022 Ford Ranger | Ford

For 2023, there are some exciting updates in store for the Ranger. A Ranger Raptor is expected to come to America as well as the updated platform. Because of this, waiting for the new Ford Ranger may be the right choice. 

But, if you are in need of a mid-size truck now, the 2022 Ford Ranger is perfectly acceptable. Especially when considering its off-road capability.


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