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While the Toyota Tacoma is a tried and tested icon among the pickup segment, the Honda Ridgeline isn’t. It’s equipped with a unibody chassis, can’t tow quite as much as its competitors, and boasts a pretty high starting price. What the Honda Ridgeline does have going for it, however, is its longevity and reliability, particularly when compared to the revered Toyota Tacoma.

A silver 2021 Honda Ridgeline parked on a grassy hill
2021 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

How many miles can you get out of a pickup truck?

There are plenty of pickup trucks on the road today with upwards of 200,000-miles on their odometer. But if you’re looking for more precise numbers? iSee Cars recently analyzed more than 11.8 million cars sold in 2020 to find out which models have the highest percentage of cars that have reached 200,000-miles.

After analyzing the data, iSee Cars determined that 1.0% of all vehicles sold in 2020 reached 200,000-miles. But when it came to light-duty pickup trucks in particular? iSee Cars found that 1.9% of pickup trucks sold in 2020 reached 200,000-miles. Among the longest-lasting pickups were the Toyota Tundra, the Honda Ridgeline, and the Toyota Tacoma. 

An automobile odometer with 100,000 miles shown
100,000-miles shown on an odometer. | Universal Education/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Toyota Tacoma will last a long time, but just how long?

Before diving into whether the Tacoma can outlast the Honda Ridgeline, let’s start with how many miles a Toyota Tacoma can actually last. After sifting through the data, iSee Cars determined that 2.8% of Toyota Tacoma models sold in 2020 reached 200,000-miles. 

There’s no denying that’s pretty impressive, especially if you’re in the market for a pickup that has the potential to last for a reasonably long time. But, as many miles as the Toyota Tacoma can last, does it have what it takes to outlast the Honda Ridgeline? 

How many miles can the Honda Ridgeline last?

Here’s the thing, according to iSee Cars, the Honda Ridgeline actually ranked ahead of the Toyota Tacoma. While 2.8% of Tacoma models reached 200,000-miles, an astounding 3.4% of Honda Ridgeline models were able to do the very same. Even more impressive, that percentage puts the Ridgeline only slightly behind the Toyota Tundra, the longest-lasting pickup of them all.

The Honda Ridgeline doesn’t just have the edge when it comes to longevity. According to both Consumer Reports and J.D. Power, chances are the Honda Ridgeline will be more reliable than this year’s Tacoma too. Consumer Reports gave the Ridgeline a five out of five predicted reliability rating. J.D. Power gave this year’s model a similarly high rating. 

As for the Toyota Tacoma? Consumer Reports gave the Toyota Tacoma a three out of five predicted reliability rating. J.D. Power gave this year’s Tacoma an ‘Average’ rating as well. And while average isn’t necessarily bad, average reliability ratings could be a deal breaker if you’re a stickler for reliability.

Is the Honda Ridgeline a better truck than the Toyota Tacoma?

Sure, iSee Cars reports that the Honda Ridgeline can outlast the Toyota Tacoma. According to sources, the Ridgeline could be a more reliable truck than the Tacoma too. But does that make it a better truck than the Toyota Tacoma? Not necessarily. 

In reality, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in your next truck. Take into consideration what both trucks have to offer and how much you’re willing to spend on your next pickup. Don’t forget to hit the road for a few test drives too.


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