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There’s a lot to like about the Toyota Tundra. Boasting a base price of $33,825 and a max towing capacity of 10,200-pounds, the Tundra has plenty to offer full-size pickup shoppers. But can you expect the Tundra to hold its value over time? Let’s find out.

A white Toyota Tundra parked at an auto show.
Toyota Tundra | SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

How much does the Toyota Tundra depreciate per year?

The Toyota Tundra is well-known for holding its value over time. In fact, according to Kelley Blue Book, when it comes to durability, quality, and reliability, the Tundra is a tough truck to beat. For these reasons and more, Kelley Blue Book tapped the Toyota Tundra as its ‘Full-Size Truck Best Resale Value Award’ winner for 2021.

But how much can you expect the Tundra to depreciate over time? According to CarEdge, you can expect the Toyota Tundra to depreciate 36% after five years, giving it a five-year resale value of approximately $34,131. CarEdge added, “The Tundra is in the Top 10 of all vehicles at the 5 and 7-year mark, and should definitely be considered when looking for a half-ton pick-up that makes financial sense.”

As for how much the Toyota Tundra depreciates every year? CarEdge reports you can the Tundra will depreciate approximately 15% after one year of ownership. After two years, the Tundra will have retained 81.62% of its value. And after three years? CarEdge reports the Toyota Tundra will depreciate 23%.

Why the Toyota Tundra holds its value so well

According to Four Wheel Trends, there are several reasons why the Toyota Tundra holds its value so well. Four Wheel Trends explains the main reason the Tundra holds its value so well is because of its long-term reliability and dependability. That doesn’t tell the whole story, though.

In addition to long-term reliability, the Tundra also offers the features that shoppers want in a truck. It’s strong enough to tow a boat or an RV, can go off-road with ease, and offers up enough interior space for the whole family. 

Kelley Blue Book made a similar assessment, explaining, “The Tundra’s excellent build quality ensures that this half-ton truck can work hard during the week, and it’s set up for family duty on the weekend.”

Is the Toyota Tundra reliable?

Now, let’s talk about how reliable the Toyota Tundra is. Consumer Reports gave the 2021 Toyota Tundra a four out of five predicted reliability rating. Such a high rating shouldn’t be all that surprising. In fact, Consumer Reports has given the Tundra a five or four out of five reliability rating several times.

J.D. Power also gave the 2021 Tundra a ‘Great’ quality and reliability rating. And Repair Pal? It awarded the Tundra with an above-average reliability rating. Repair Pal added that the Toyota Tundra has average ownership costs. Major repairs are relatively infrequent, too, Repair Pal reports.

Is the Tundra a good truck?

There’s no denying that the Tundra has a lot going for it. It holds on to its value, is known for reliability, and can tow up to 10,200-pounds when properly equipped. If you’re in the market for a full-size pickup, we recommend taking the time to test drive this year’s model.


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