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The Torsus hardcore RV can seemingly go anywhere. A brutal-looking machine that can be a bus, RV, or anything else the owner wants it to be. It comes with seats, but those can be pitched to create a lifted 4×4 off-road brut that can take you anywhere. There is only one downside-well, two, actually. 

Can you buy a Torsus Praetorian in the US?

Torsus Praetorian
2021 Torsus Praetorian RV | Torsus

The first is the company, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, doesn’t sell them here. In fact, they’re not sold anywhere on this continent. And if it did, the price would be high. And that’s before you start converting it into your heavy-duty overlanding dream machine. Still, we love the simple, honest, and somewhat menacing look of the Torsus models.

But let’s suppose you can get one in the US. Torsus offers two basic vehicles; the Praetorian and Terrastorm. The first is MAN truck-based, while the second is based on a VW van. Of the two, the Praetorian is the big beast we want. It sells for $187,600 before you begin customizing it.  

Everything about the Torsus is big and beefy

Torsus Praetorian
2021 Torsus Praetorian RV frame | Torsus

The frames on these are massive, as you might expect. You can also get a bit more lift, which increases fording depth to 27-inches before taking on water. Overall ground clearance is almost 16-inches. The rear axle can handle a load of over 17,000 lbs. 

Some of its handling features are stabilization for high center of gravity, electronic stability system, roll-over protection, anti-lock brakes, and stout framework under the plastic body panels. A nine-speed manual transmission spins the transfer case equipped with electronic locking (VSM).

What about Torsus options?

Torsus Praetorian
2021 Torsus Praetorian RV | Torsus

And you can outfit your Praetorian to prepare for off-road antics with certain options that are available. After all, it seats up to 35 people, so you know there is room inside to make a comfortable home off the grid. And you can order it without seats, which is probably how you would want it.

The standard engine is a MAN 6.9-liter straight-six diesel with almost 300 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque. You’ll want to add air suspension, which means you get disc brakes at the corners. There is also a hill climb brake and parking brake upgrade that utilizes all four brakes. 

Is this the ultimate off-road battle tank?

 Torsus Praetorian
2021 Torsus Praetorian RV | Torsus

A roof-top air conditioner with multiple vents and outlets puts out enough cool air to freeze meat. And a two-year overall unlimited warranty and six-year drivetrain warranty can’t be beaten. So everything about the Torsus Praetorian is big and beefy. 

A rear winch comes standard, as do rear-view and passenger door cameras. And every RV comes with a Blazecut fire protection system and extinguishers. For grins and giggles, you can configure your Praetorian van on the Torsus website. It also has forms for becoming a Torsus dealer, if you’re so inclined. 


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