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The Ford Econoline is typically not associated with power. Moreover, how could an Econoline Camper van conversion ever cross over with a Lamborghini or F1? Well, they don’t really, except for a V10 engine. Although this 2008 Ford Econoline 4×4 camper van conversion hits all the notes of a great off-road camper van; a pop-top, 4×4 driveline, self-reliant power, and so on, it also rocks a 6.8-liter V10. 

This monster V10 4x4 camper van seen parked in the snow
The Roamerica 4×4 Ford Econoline Sportsmibile conversion | Roamerica

Roamerica is serious about some campers 

This 2008 Ford Econoline has been outfitted to be more of a Sportsmobile conversion 4×4 camper van. Well, not really “more of”; it just is a beautiful conversion. This incredible camper van was made by the folks over at Roamerica. 

These guys know a thing or two about badass camper vans. Roamerica is a rental company that offers self-contained and fully equipped Sportsmobile camper vans designed for Pacific Northwest conditions. While they mostly rent camper vans, they sometimes sell one or two, and this one can now be yours. 

The “Delta” is an endgame 4×4 camper van conversion

Roamerica has a deep love for getting out into the wilder places of the world. More to the point, they love the machines that get us there. The listing for the Delta Econoline is simple and to the point, “The time has come to part ways with this beautiful Sportsmobile we have lovingly named Delta. It has served us extremely well since 2017. This type of Sportsmobile is extremely rare and has an extended body and roughly 50 layouts (EB50). We look forward to passing the torch of adventure off to a new home and look forward to hearing the stories they will bring.”

A look through a few of the photos is enough for most serious camper vans enthusiasts to know how special this rig is. But, if the photos don’t grab your attention, the powerplant will. This 2008 Ford Econoline conversion 4×4 camper van has a monster 6.8-liter V10. 

V10 is a lot for a camper van

Obviously, this V10 is likely more of Clydesdale to a Lamborghini Huracan’s racehorse V10. Although Roamerica doesn’t specify the exact engine, we speculate that this is likely a Triton V10. If we are correct in our assumption of the Ford V10, that would mean this van has 362 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. That may not outsprint an F1 car, but it at least has the same number of cylinders. The truth is though, if someone is not experienced off-road, driving this powerful of a rig may prove to be more than some can handle safely.

On the more practical side, that power and torque will go a long way in keeping things more useable both on-road and off. Obviously, having that torque makes a huge difference in off-road/overlanding aspects of the 4×4 camper van life, but the horsepower also makes on-road travel much more pleasant in such a heavy rig. Something tells me passing won’t be a big issue here. 

What other specs does this Ford Econoline camper have?

4x4 camper van parked in the woods with the pop-top up
The Roamerica 4×4 Ford Econoline Sportsmibile conversion | Roamerica

Aside from the monster V10, this camper has also had a full 4×4 conversion as well. The tall lift and knobby tires are an easy giveaway for this feature. Another of the main features here is the Sportsmobile pop-top camper tent. This is one of the coolest parts of the camper van industry. 

Maybe on the less initially noticeable front, this 2008 Econoline has been stretched by 19 inches to make room for all the necessary gear. Speaking of gear, this bad boy has two beds, a built-in heater, a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, a 12-volt refrigerator, 100-amp-hour house battery, and multiple 5-gallon freshwater canisters. 

This Sportsmobile floorplan offers tons of space, multiple storage areas, and plenty of room to hang around and plan the next excursion.

As of this writing, Roamerica is offering this incredible powerhouse rig for $80,000. It has 160,000 miles but seems to be ready for plenty more. 

More photos of the Roamerican V10 camper van can be found on Roamerica’s site.


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