This Factory Five Racing Mk4 is the Coolest Kit Car at Auction

When it comes to buying cool, unique cars, we often expect them to be well out of the price range of the average driver. If you frequent auction websites or FaceBook Marketplace, you might be surprised to see some pretty unique cars at extraordinarily affordable prices. In fact, at auction right now is a car you may have never seen in person, a Factory Five Racing Mk4, and the current bids are well below what you might expect. It’s one of the hottest things you can currently bid on with Bring a Trailer without blowing your budget out of the water.

Factory Five Racing

Factory Five Racing isn’t a household name, by any means, but kit car enthusiasts know it well. These Mk4 Cobra kits make your car look like a real-life HotWheels model, and they aren’t just here for their looks. As a kit car, you can often make any adjustments that you want to the car, including the drivetrain, but this was no at-home garage build. This particular Mk4 Cobra was reported to be assembled by a team including FedEx pilots, employees of Factory Five Racing themselves, and patients of St. Judes Hospital. It was first auctioned for charity in 2016, making the car just as sentimental as it is beautiful.

Factory Five Racing Mk4 | Bring a Trailer

What does the Mk4 Cobra kit offer?

The fiberglass body of the Factory Five Racing Mk4 Cobra makes it easier to work with for the average kit builder than most metal body panels would. For this specific car, the body is built onto a black powder-coated box frame. The beautiful lines of the car are only accentuated by choice of paint, Ruby Red Metallic, and two white racing stripes. Paired with Talbot-styled side mirrors, aggressively placed side exhaust pipes, and a shiny chrome roll bar, this affordable show stopper looks like a true collector car.

Factory Five Racing Mk4 | Bring a Trailer

Under the hood

It isn’t just about looks for this Factory Five Mk4, either. Under the elongated hood sits a 302ci V8 which pairs up to a five-speed manual transmission to deliver power to the rear wheels. The auction website goes on to mention specifics like the hydraulic roller camshaft in elaborate detail, but there is no definitive mention of more common metrics like horsepower or torque.

Factory Five Racing Mk4 | Bring a Trailer

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While this specific Factory Five Racing Mk4 Cobra will only be at auction a few days more, it really goes to show how you can find plenty of unique and attention-grabbing cars, all you have to do is stay vigilantly on the lookout — and sometimes, even buying something that needs a little bit of love.