Hot Wheels Cars Worth More Than Some Real Cars

For many car enthusiasts, we grow up with one favorite toy: our collection of Hot Wheels. It may have been your first introduction to cars before you were old enough to realize what a car show was or could help your dad in the garage. They may not have been a collector-item like Beanie Babies were, but there are some rare Hot Wheels that are now worth more than some brand-new cars.

1969 Rear-Loading Beach Bomb in Pink

Originally a prototype car, the pink version of the rear-loading beach bomb was a casual beach-cruiser style with a surfboard sticking out the back. Reportedly only two pink versions were ever created, and a supposed few in other colors were sold privately into the general market. This small pink toy is valued at $175,000 – that’s enough to buy most Lamborghinis.

Hot Wheels Beach Bomb in Pink
Hot Wheels Beach Bomb in Pink, Photo Courtesy of Orange Track Die-Cast

1968 Over Chrome Mustang

Only two versions of the over chrome Mustang were ever created by Mattel and they were made solely for the purpose of advertising. One of the two was found at an estate sale in a trailer park, and how it got there remains a mystery. The small car itself carries a price of $40,000.

Hot Wheels Over Chrome Mustang
Hot Wheels Over Chrome Mustang, Photo Courtesy of Anita Smith at Car and Driver

1968 Over Chrome Camaro

We aren’t sure what about the over chrome styling of these rare advertisement pieces that make them so valuable and desirable. Like the Beach Bomb and the over chrome Mustang, they are worth a pretty penny. Because they aren’t as rare – with a supposed 20 Hot Wheels Camaros having the bright-green chrome finish – they are sadly worth much less than the ultra-rare toys listed above. The over chrome Camaro can still bring in about $25,000, so if you’ve got one sitting in your closet that you’re not emotionally attached to, it might not be a bad idea to put it up for sale.

Hot Wheels Over Chrome Camaro
Hot Wheels Over Chrome Camaro Photo Courtest of Bruce Pascal

1969 Mighty Maverick with the Mad Maverick baseplate

The Mighty Maverick was a popular and well-loved Hot Wheels toy based on the 1969 Ford Maverick – with some cool Hot Wheels touches. There were several versions of the Mighty Maverick created over the years, but there is one, in particular, that is more valuable than the rest. A few of the Mighty Mavericks have a special name on the baseplate underneath the car that says “Mad Maverick”. Mattel was forced to remove this from their production due to copyright infringement, but a handful still made it into circulation. These rare Mad Mavericks can be sold for about $15,000.

Mad Maverick Hot Wheels Baseplate
Baseplate of the Might Maverick with the Mad Maverick Casting, Photo Courtesy of Bob Rosas

1969 Brown Custom Charger

The Custom Charger made by Mattel was popular in many color variants – however, the dark metallic brown color was not one of them. A boring and less-attractive option than some of the much brighter and more appealing colors offered by Hot Wheels, it’s easy to understand why a boring brown Charger many not have been as well-liked. If you found one in your collection now, you may not be as disappointed, however, because they are valued up to $13,000.

While it wouldn’t be great to advise you to start digging through your child’s toybox in hopes of finding one of these classic gems, chances are they are so rare you probably don’t have them anyway.