This Exclusive Car Club Offers Members Classics to Drive and a Clubhouse for Respite

Car clubs are a great thing. They offer car enthusiasts of like minds to get away from life and share experiences related to their vehicle of choice. For example, car clubs can be organized around specific things such as the new Ford Bronco, or Dodge Challengers. But, car clubs can also be organized for the car enthusiast around more broad things such as muscle cars of a particular state, or retired funeral service vehicles. However, there are still yet others that are exclusive and meant for the affluent car enthusiast.

The Welcome website page for the Classic Car Club shows a red Porsche from overhead
The welcome website page to the Classic Car Club Manhattan | Classic Car Club Manhattan

A club for classic car enthusiast

Classic Car Club is one such club. It opened its first location in London but has a second location in New York City. It is not like your average club that gets together every week or month for free at the local Dairy Queen or Popeye’s. Instead, this car club has membership dues that start at $180 per month. That cost covers the facility and the vehicles.

The club’s waterfront facility

The Clubhouse Membership dues mean access for the member to a clubhouse facility at Pier 76. That clubhouse has a 3,200 square foot terrace overlooking the Hudson River, a private lounge, bar, restaurant, gallery, and a room set aside for high-end simulators. According to the club’s website, the facility is, “Fully furnished, decadent and loungy,” and “the perfect place to kick back, share a meal, waste a day away and get familiar with a rosé.” In essence, it is a hangout.

A knee-high view of the front of a black Ferrari FF
2014 Ferrari FF | Classic Car Club Manhattan

But wait, there is more

Step up to the Classic Car Club’s Driver’s Membership and suddenly there is access to a fleet of classic vehicles added to the benefits for the car enthusiast. As the club put it,

“Transform our stable of jaw-dropping cars into your private arsenal of awesome. Fire a Ferrari to the Hamptons, explore upstate in a Defender, or pilot a McLaren 720s to some of our favorite sweeping backroads. Pick your weapon for the weekend and adventure on.”

The fleet of cars

The cars within the fleet change, of course, but right now they have a 1964 Lincoln Continental, a 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750, a 1967 Porsche 912, a 1965 AC Shelby Cobra, a 1972 Datsun 240Z, a 1969 Ford Bronco, ect., the list goes on. There are a few more modern cars also sprinkled throughout the collection like a 2017 Lotus Evora, a 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, and a 2016 BMW M4 GTS are just a few.

Both memberships grant access to events coordinated in New York and London. Those events include track days, destressing Sunset Sessions with curated music beats to loosen people up, comedy nights, and movie screenings.

A black AC Shelby Cobra sits in an industrial area.
1965 AC Shelby Cobra | Classic Car Club Manhattan

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In short, while the average car club offers regular meetings and a newsletter (maybe), the Classic Car Club provides its members with a piece of high-society life by offering the opportunity to drive legendary and historic vehicles, and enjoy a facility to retreat from the day’s stresses. That is a package that the selective auto enthusiast might enjoy, but others can only dream about. This is truly a case where exclusivity has its advantages.