New Meaning to Idol Worship, Car Club Opens Church

Car enthusiasts enjoy more than their cars. They enjoy the connection with other auto enthusiasts. Car shows typically only happen during the weekend, though. So, what is an enthusiast to do in the meantime? Joining a car club is often the answer. There are plenty of clubs for classic cars, muscle cars, off-road rigs, etc. scattered across each state. Clubs provide opportunities for people of like minds to shoot the breeze. What if a car club could become a destination that car fans could also congregate, or even store their classic cars, muscle cars, or exotic cars? Well, such a place exists. Holy Grail Garage is it.

Cars are parked inside an old church
The Holy Grail Garage and Car Club meets in a converted old church building | The Holy Grail Garage

The Holy Grail Garage 

The owners of Holy Grail Garage recognized the need for car enthusiasts in their area to call their own. So, they began a search and discovered a church that had been decommissioned in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area would be just what they needed with a little conversion help. They used the vacant church opportunity to create that go-to destination for people to store their cars and also experience some camaraderie. 

The sanctuary and lower level

The church’s sanctuary and lower level were converted into elegant storage stalls. That’s where the 33 spots are for club members to park their cars. Easy access to battery tenders are available to save owners the trouble of having to jumpstart their car when the Winter ends and car show season starts. 

There is also a bay for members to wash and detail their cars. Of course, the building has 24-hour security and a fire suppression system as well. 

The rectory

Additionally, there are 2,500 square feet of space in the rectory. But, that is more for the members than the classic or prestigious cars. The rectory has been outfitted with big-screen televisions, a coffee bar, and a cigar room. So, members can come to hang out with each other, watch a game, play a card game or pool, work out, enjoy the coffee lounge on the balcony, or smoke a cigar. The place even has a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) bar and wine cellar with an ice machine. In short, the rectory is the clubhouse of Holy Grail Garage and a potential home away from home – a gearhead’s place of motoring heaven.

Cars line the inside of a converted church.
The Holy Grail Garage and Car Club meets in a converted old church building | The Holy Grail Garage

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The church

The church building was constructed between 1929 and 1931. It was decommissioned in 2014. The Diocese of Pittsburgh eventually sold it to the current owners for $50,000. The building still has gargoyles and stained glass windows, which almost lend to the surreal air of cars as a thing to be worshipped as idols. But, that’s not the case at all. Instead, the location is an outreach to the local motoring citizens to come and enjoy communing with each other. It is an automotive social club that happens to be in a church building. 

A church building near Pittsburgh, PA sits at an intersection.
The Holy Grail Garage and Car Club meets in a converted old church building | The Holy Grail Garage

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The official name of the group is The Holy Grail Garage and Car Club, and they have indeed created a destination for auto enthusiasts to bring all kinds of cars. Brands circulate with the season but include Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, Genesis, Ferrari, and various muscle cars, hypercars, classic cars, etc. The club is even open to motorcycles. Overall, they have also provided a destination for car lovers to sit down, put their feet up, and hang out with friends of the same mindset giving new meaning and purpose to an old church building.