This Dodge Challenger Hellcat on Buggy Wheels Is the Ideal 717-HP Carriage

It seems the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and its 717-hp supercharged V8 aren’t enough to make viral content anymore. To spice up the Hellcat even further, WhistlinDiesel on YouTube decided to give it enormous buggy wheels. On top of that, the YouTuber decided to take it around town and eventually do a massive burnout. As you might expect, things didn’t quite go as planned.

How do you mount buggy wheels on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

An image of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with Buggy Wheels.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Whistlin Diesel on YouTube

One of the most challenging parts of this Dodge Challenger Hellcat “upgrade” is the construction of the wheels themselves. According to WhistlinDiesel, they already tried this previously on a GMC Sierra. However, in that first attempt, the buggy wheels were made out of wood and subsequently fell apart.

Having learned from this mistake, WhistlinDiesel decided to opt for aluminum wheels. Not only would these easily support the weight of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, but they would be less likely to break. Additionally, these wheels have a thin strip of rubber around their rim, making a burnout quite possible.

As you might imagine, buggy wheels don’t just bolt up to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. To fix this, WhistlinDiesel had a hub welded onto the wheels. To ensure that the wheels themselves fit with the bodywork, wheel spacers were used to correctly set up the wheels. As you might imagine, extending the wheels out so far puts extra strain on vital components such as the hub bearings. However, if we had to guess, that concern wasn’t high on the list of priorities.

It may be a Dodge but it rode like a Cadillac

Once the buggy wheels were on this Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the next step was to take it for a spin. To test the buggy wheels’ effects, WhistlinDiesel decided to take the muscle car on a deserted road to try out different speeds. Even at 50 mph, the Hellcat remained relatively composed. In the video, there is no visible shake from the steering wheel. However, the wheels’ low-profile rubber made it less than ideal when going over huge bumps on the road. Regardless, the Hellcat remained relatively composed.

To stir up a bit of attention, WhistlinDiesel took the Dodge Challenger Hellcat around town to run some errands. One of the first stops was to a McDonald’s drive-thru. Aside from the hilarious visuals, the Challenger managed to tackle driveways and speedbumps relatively problem-free. Despite how spaced out the wheels are, the muscle car manages to fit in a normal parking spot with ease. Aside from the obvious visual aspects, the Challenger managed to drive quite smoothly.

Yes, it can still do burnouts flawlessly

An image of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with Buggy Wheels.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Whistlin Diesel on YouTube

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Since a smooth drive around town doesn’t make for a viral hit, this Dodge Challenger Hellcat story goes slightly further. Toward the end of the video, we see WhistlinDiesel flooring the Hellcat to see if it can still do a burnout. Given how little rubber was on the buggy wheels, it wasn’t surprising to see a massive cloud of smoke quickly build up. However, given how little rubber was actually on the wheels, it quickly snapped and flew off.

Eventually, WhistlinDiesel got the Dodge Challenger Hellcat over some mud. At this point, a second burnout left it embedded into the road. After carving a deep buggy-wheel-sized hole, the muscle car was eventually scooped out. Regardless of the inevitable destruction, this “modification” makes for a silly yet hilarious video.