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Have you ever done a burnout before? Do you know how to do a burnout? Did you pick up on how to do one by the time you were 19 years old or so? It’s not hard, as those of you who have done a burnout know. So here’s a video of a C7 Corvette owner trying to do a burnout. We say “trying” because all that is accomplished is that an idiot will fry a C7 Corvette clutch attempting a burnout. How could this even happen?

We don’t know how an adult doesn’t know how to do a burnout?

YouTube screenshot

We know how technically it happens; a clutch spinning so close to the flywheel that it burns up instead of engaging. But what we don’t know is how an adult with the capacity to spring for a newer Corvette doesn’t know how to do a burnout? Or, if they don’t know why they need to give it a try in their fairly new Corvette? Or why they wouldn’t stop once they saw smoke and smelled the burnt clutch smell?

Everyone loves a good, smokey burnout. Well, everyone except those with respiratory conditions. But keeping the tires planted to the ground while the engine is revved up and the clutch engaged is not the key to a good burnout. It is the key to a fried clutch. As if we needed to tell you.

We also wonder about the person filming the humiliation. Did he or she know that 1) tires not spinning, 2) smoke coming from the center of the car, 3) that burnt clutch smell, and 4) the Corvette not skating as the spinning tires (that in this case are not spinning) increase traction and contact to the ground indicate something might be wrong? We don’t get how that can go past the videographer without thinking it might be better to forget the vid and instead get the driver’s attention? 

We expect that the driver now knows how to do a burnout?

YouTube screenshot

In the end, we would expect that the driver now knows how to do a burnout, or otherwise knows not to try one again. We want to make a little suggestion to whoever tried this. Buy an automatic rather than a manual transmission car next time. 

He or she also more than likely paid somewhere around $2,000 to have his or her local Chevy dealer replace the clutch. Lucky for the owner it is not the new C8 dual-clutch setup. We couldn’t even guess what it might cost to replace the clutches in one of those.


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