This $500,000 Lamborghini Countach Has Secret Skateboard Wheels

The Lamborghini Countach is without a doubt one of the best bedroom poster supercars ever created. While the Lamborghini Countach arrived with sharp styling in the 1970s, it only got crazier as the years came and went.

One of the wildest and most controversial models is the 25th Anniversary, thanks to its insane body kit and overall styling. Tyler Hoover from Hoovies Garage on YouTube recently acquired one of these models. In Hoover’s most recent video, he takes it to his mechanic and finds a very unusual feature.

How does a Lamborghini Countach end up with skateboard wheels?

An image of a Lamborghini Countach Anniversary Edition finished in white.
Lamborghini Countach | Hoovies Garage via YouTube

Before we look at the details of this unusual finding, it is worth diving into what makes the Lamborghini Countach so special. Under the hood lives a naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V12 engine developing 455 hp and 369 lb-ft. Power made its way to the rear wheels exclusively via a five-speed manual transmission. The Countach 25th Anniversary hit 62 mph in around 5 seconds and topped out at 190 mph. As a result, it will come as a shock that someone installed skateboard wheels under the front bumper of this particular example.

Once the Lamborghini Countach got on the lift and hit the air, it revealed a set of skateboard wheels under its front end. We know they’re skateboard wheels since they feature the same attachment that allows them to turn when attached to a wooden board. Given how low the Countach sits on the road, their purpose is likely to help the bumper along and avoid scratches. When the Countach went on sale, there weren’t any electronic lift-kits available, so you had to be plenty careful.

Judging by the video, it seems the installation of the wheels required cutting a rectangle into the plastic cover that sits below the front bumper. While this seems sketchy at best, you’ll notice that the bumper is relatively scratch-free.

What else is wrong with this Countach?

Like any car that is decades old, this Lamborghini Countach has a few small faults. According to Hoovers video, the first thing that stands out is a cable that seemingly leads to nowhere in the engine bay. As unusual as it may seem, it doesn’t seem to affect the car’s overall drivability.

On the way to the mechanic, Hoover also noted that his Lamborghini Countach had what appeared to be a loose washer inside the gated shifter. Additionally, the climate control system does not appear to be working, a minor inconvenience during winter but a major problem for the summer.

Despite being decades old, this Lamborghini Countach did not boast any massive leaks. As you’d expect, there is a bit of oil dripping, but that is to be expected given its age. Most importantly, the troublesome valve cover gasket is oil-free. As a result, this vintage supercar is in surprisingly good condition.

Buying a vintage supercar may not be as scary as you think

An image of a Lamborghini Countach Anniversary Edition finished in white.
Lamborghini Countach | Hoovies Garage via YouTube

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Aside from the sketchy wheel situation, this Lamborghini Countach video drives home an important point. As the mechanic goes over the car, he can perform minor fixes in minutes. This is due to the overall simplicity of the Countach. As a result, maintaining a vintage supercar like this could potentially be reasonably affordable.

For example, the mechanic quickly took care of the loose washer in the gated shifter by simply taking the metal plate off. From there, he was able to reach in and adjust the part. Regardless, it is great to see such a rare machine so up close and personal.