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Vehicles with a third row are all the rage these days, as drivers look for cars with the most room and comfort for themselves and their passengers. Tesla, as most people know, is one of the most popular makers of electric vehicles, and car shoppers don’t hesitate to turn to them when making a new car purchase. However, there are not too many three-row EVs available, leaving customers with few choices when they are buying a new car. In fact, a third row is only available on one version of the Tesla Model Y.

Which Tesla Model Y version has a third row?

For those who need extra space, a third row is available to be added to the Tesla Model Y Long Range. However, this is the only version of this particular model where this option can be chosen, and it could be a bit costly.

Upgrading to the Long Range will cost around $3,000 from the base trim, and buyers can’t forget that the third-row option will cost another $3,000.

There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to add a third row to the Tesla Model Y Long Range. For one thing, customers should be aware of the effect this will have on cargo space.

While this particular model has 20.8 cu-ft behind the second row, when the third row is in use, it reduces the cargo space to only 9.9 cu-ft according to Tesla.  

In addition, there is not a lot of room in the optional third row. While the second row can be tilted forward for easier access, it is not possible to have a car seat or booster in place and to do this.

Why only offer a third row on the Long Range Model Y?

So, why does Tesla only offer a third row on this particular model? It could be that the additional weight of adding two extra passengers would impact range too much on the standard model. Or, it could be that it would reduce cargo space too much in the standard model, and the configuration just wouldn’t work.

Whether it be range or the possibility that a third row on the standard model just wouldn’t be practical for comfort, car buyers only have one choice if they need or desire the extra seating space.

The extra cost could be well worth it

There’s no doubt that buying a new car is expensive. Those who are drawn toward the Tesla Model Y Long Range and are interested in adding a third row might be concerned about the added cost, but it could be worth spending the extra money.

How so? There have been several price cuts on this particular model. This certainly offsets the cost of adding third-row seating, and the added benefits don’t end there.

The Model Y now qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit, when previously, only certain versions of electric vehicles were eligible for the full credit, while others received only a partial benefit. The full credit brings the price of the Model Y Long Range to a more affordable rate, along the lines of more modestly priced competitors.


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