These Young Drivers Intentionally Got Speeding Tickets to Make Money

As a young car enthusiast, getting extra cash to modify your vehicle can be quite tough. However, an ingenious set of young drivers with modified Honda Civics linked up with a supercar rally for an unusual money-making opportunity. In a recent story told on VinWiki’s YouTube channel by Matt Farah, we learned that a supercar rally in the early 2000s paid young drivers to get speeding tickets to distract police.

Why would anyone willingly get a speeding ticket?

An image of a few speeding tickets held up for the camera to see.
Speeding Tickets | Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images

This speeding tickets story doesn’t even begin with the young drivers tasked with collecting them. In fact, as Farah mentioned via VinWiki, it all centers around an organized one-day supercar rally. As Farah tells it, he noticed that plenty of exotic car owners in the early 2000s weren’t aware of great roads to drive their cars. In response, Farah reportedly began organizing these routes so owners could get together and have fun with their vehicles.

As a result, large groups of supercar owners began participating in these exclusive one-day rallies. However, the concern of speeding tickets and other traffic infractions was quite present. Since these rallies took place early in the morning, there wasn’t much traffic around to blend in. Additionally, Farah notes these cars cruising at speeds of around 150 mph. If an officer managed to stop any participating members, the fines would’ve likely been quite hefty.

To get around this, Farah reportedly contacted some young car enthusiasts with modified Honda Civics for help. In short, a set of loud and flashy modified cars would drive ahead of the rally, attracting the attention of any police in the area. This would then leave the roads clear so the supercars could blast by without fear of speeding tickets.

How much did these young drivers make?

As Farah told VinWiki, this group of young drivers collecting speeding tickets wasn’t paid a flat fee. Instead, Farah reportedly would pay around $500 per every ticket collected by these Honda drives. It is worth noting that this story dates back to the early 2000s.

Adjusted for inflation, these drivers were getting close to $670 per speeding ticket in today’s money. As you’d expect, this would more than cover the price of the ticket received and clear a decent profit for the drivers. The fact that they had to drive their modified cars through some incredible roads was just a massive added benefit.

According to Farah, he didn’t have to pay out many speeding tickets. In fact, he reports only having to pay out the fee just once. This is likely to the secluded nature of the roads selected and the time of day in which these rallies took place.

These are the cars that frequented these rallies

White 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 on a mountain road overlooking a bright-lit city at night
2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 | Lamborghini

Ambitious Driver Manages to Get 3 Speeding Tickets in One Day

Speeding tickets aside, one of the most interesting aspects of Farah’s story surrounds the vehicles that participated in these rallies. Since the runs took place around 2005, Farah recounts seeing V10-powered BMW M5’s and M6’s, Porsche 911 Turbos, and a host of various Lamborghinis. The most interesting of all is probably a Lamborghini Diablo that reportedly was equipped with a nitrous system to make it go even faster.