These Are the Advantages of Belonging to a Car Club

A car enthusiast needs other car enthusiasts. Hanging out with another car enthusiast brings some enlightenment and enjoyment to the automotive passion within. That is why car clubs are created. Clubs are not a waste of time and energy as some suppose. Instead, they can be quite the opposite, time well spent, and energizing. A car enthusiast in a car club can find that time spent at the club, or with the member online, can be rewarding. Here are a few other reasons why a car club can be beneficial.

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The Holy Grail Garage and Car Club meets in a converted old church building | The Holy Grail Garage

Car club benefit: Socialization

A car club allows the opportunity for socialization. As we all know, it is easier to socialize when there is something that is in common. For the auto enthusiast, that is the car they have respect or passion for. It an opportunity to get away from the world for a little bit and rib your club friend in fun about the plaid material used to cover the seats in their car.

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Car club benefit: Increased knowledge base

This point may seem like a subset of the socialization benefit. However, while members can provide each other with helpful ideas and insights, there is also a great knowledge base to glean from. Specifically, if a car enthusiast joins a club centered around the Ford Bronco, not only is there an opportunity to hang out with like-minded people and learn about the vehicle, but there is also the opportunity to pool resources. For example, out of a 50 member club, someone is going to have information about custom Bronco bumper manufacturers, while another person will have a library of old Bronco brochures, and yet another person could have the name of the local custom shop in their contact list. Helpful ideas and insights about the car can be exchanged. 

The Welcome website page for the Classic Car Club shows a red Porsche from overhead
The welcome website page to the Classic Car Club Manhattan | Classic Car Club Manhattan

Car club benefit: Pursue a goal collectively

The social aspect of the group sometimes leads to the creation of shared goals. For example, members often times will rally behind a cause, or set a goal to be at a group at an event. Road rally events and car shows often are participated in with a whole car club. Also, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown prevented a lot of car shows from happening. But, there were multiple cases where a car club organized a procession in front of a sick child’s home, much to the delight of the sick child. 

Car club benefit: Discounts

Sometimes a car club will be large enough in the community that local vendors will begin to offer discounts for the club’s patronage. This can be true for businesses like the local diner, insurance agencies, tow truck providers, and parts suppliers. So, it only helps to be a member of a car club if those vendors are something that you plan on using anyway. 


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An auto enthusiast craves hanging out with others that admire the same vehicle. They also enjoy sharing advice, going to car-related events, and collaborating toward goals. That is precisely what a car club offers. The social aspect, the increased knowledge base of the members, the attraction of participating in events as a group, and the ability to get discounts are all advantages to belonging to a car club. So, go out and join one.