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It looks like the 2024 Nissan Titan is going to die. Most sources agree that the Titan is heading to the great junkyard in the sky within two years. But before Nissan kills its big truck, the firm is making some big changes. The most exciting of these changes is the new Bronze Edition Package coming despite reports of impending doom for Nissan’s only full-size pickup truck.

What is the 2024 Nissan Titan Bronze Edition Package?

2024 Nissan Titan Bronze Edition Package parked in the mountains
2024 Nissan Titan Bronze Edition Package | Nissan USA

The Nissan Titan Bronze Edition Package is the new trim for 2024, and it’s replacing the Midnight Edition. According to Nissan’s press release, the Bronze Edition Package adds new aesthetic elements per its namesake, as well as more black accents. It sports a gloss black front grille surround, a black front bumper, and a black sports bar. All this new black trim joins the 20-inch Bronze finished wheels and “Bronze Edition” floor mats. 

The bronze on the wheels is a bit on the lighter side compared to Toyota’s or Subaru’s iconic bronze wheels. The new edition is pretty cool, but there is something a little silly about the fact wheels are the only bronze part of the Bronze Edition Package. It was a strange choice by Nissan to add a new trim toward the end of the Titan’s life. This new package adds $2,980 on top of the SV trim price. I’m a fool for bronze wheels, though. 

Other than the new package, the 2024 Nissan Titan SV hasn’t changed a lick. This is one of the more damning pieces of evidence for the model’s demise. 

Is the Nissan Titan getting discontinued? 

There are a lot of changes coming for the 2024 Nissan Titan. However, that doesn’t mean we should have hope that the Titan will survive. These changes aren’t a sign of recovery; they are a death rattle. 

Sources closest to the Titan told Automotive News, “There’s no plan engineering’s working on for replacing it, updating it,” the source told Automotive News. “It’s dead.” That sounds pretty definitive. That said, the Titan isn’t gone yet, and Nissan is taking advantage of the time. 

What’s new for the 2024 Nissan Titan? 

A gray 2024 Nissan Titan driving on a dirt road
2024 Nissan Titan | Nissan USA

As previously mentioned, there is a rad new trim. But along with the new edition, Nissan also dropped the base S model for 2023. That makes the SV trim the base model. This isn’t the best news if you were hoping to score a deal on a Titan. By dropping the S trim, the 2024 Nissan Titan now starts at more than $6,000 more than last year’s model. 

After dropping the S trim, the King cab, and trading the Midnight Edition for the Bronze Edition Package, the Titan went from having 11 configurations available to only six for the normal Titan. The Titan XD only has three available trims. 

Unlike many other pickup trucks, the Titan retains its beefy 400-hp 5.6-liter V8 as standard. The lack of updates really drives home the reports that the Nissan Titan isn’t long for our world. It’s a shame because we already have too few full-size pickup trucks to go around. Not to mention, the Titan is a rare breed with its standard monster V8. I guess all we can do is snag a Titan while they are still with us.