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The Nissan Titan pickup truck is rumored to be getting the ax from the Japanese automaker. The deletion from the lineup isn’t immediate but instead will come at the end of the current generation. When the final model year of the current generation actually will be is unknown. However, instead of replacing the current model with a next-gen model, Nissan will kill the Titan.

Why is Nissan killing the Titan pickup truck?

A brown nissan titan pro-4x drives on a dirt road up a hill, it might be killed off by Nissan soon.
2022 Nissan Titan | Nissan USA

The answer to why the Nissan Titan would go away is the same as most other vehicle discontinuations: sales. Not only has the Titan struggled to sell units over the years, but it’s up against some steep competition. In 2019, the Titan sold 31,514 units, which then dipped down to 26,439 in 2020. The recent refresh of the full-size truck helped its sales, as it’s sold 22,772 units in just Q3 of 2021, which is a 17.4 percent gain.

Even with the uptick in sales for the year, the Titan doesn’t just need to sell more units. It also needs to be able to hang with the three big pickup trucks of the American market. According to Motor1, Ford moved 603,090 F-Series pickups as of October 2021, while Chevy’s light-duty Silverado delivered 296,286 units just in Q3. That means Chevy sold over 13 times the amount of Silverados as Nissan did Titans in just one quarter.

Is the Nissan Titan refresh not good enough?

A red nissan titan pro-4x drives through mud as it splashes, it might be killed soon.
2022 Nissan Titan | Nissan USA

The pickup truck recently got a refresh in its styling and features to revitalize the Titan lineup. Though it did help boost sales, it has proven not to be enough to make it competitive. There are a few reasons why this truck, despite its updates, can’t hang with the Ram 1500, F-150, or Silverado. These trucks are so far ahead; we’re unsure what the Titan could do to catch up.

For 2020, the Titan received new LED taillights, bed illumination, and new cabin technology. Included is an 8.0-inch center screen with an option to upgrade to a 9.0-inch version. It also gained an available panoramic sunroof and interior changes like grips, improved door storage pockets, and more. The 2022 Nissan Titan has even more changes, so is Nissan already losing faith in its product?

Does the 2022 Nissan Titan’s upgrades help it compete with the Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling pickup truck in America for a ridiculously long time. That’s why it’s the perfect truck to compare with one struggling to sell units. For 2022, the Titan got an upgraded interior and a suite of safety features that weren’t standard for previous models. The Titan also kept its 5.6-liter V8 engine which produces 400-hp and 413 lb-ft of torque.

No matter how good the upgrades are, they need to be better than the F-150 or close. The Titan is one of the only remaining full-size pickup trucks with a standard V8 engine. Not to mention, it’s the only option. Vehicles like the F-150 are leaning far closer into fuel economy-friendly territory and for a good reason. The F-150 has a hybrid powertrain option alongside its several V6 engines and a V8 option.

The Titan gets terrible gas mileage

A black Nissan Titan pulls a boat down the highway with a mountain background
Nissan Titan | Nissan USA

In today’s market, fuel economy is something vital to buyers of any vehicle. Recently, it’s become even more critical since electric and hybrid vehicles are taking over. The Nissan Titan is far behind, offering only a single V8 engine that’s terrible on gas. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the massive number of Ford Maverick preorders, it’s that people love its excellent gas mileage.

The 2022 Nissan Titan gets 16 city and 21 highway miles per gallon with its V8. The F-150 gets 20 city and 26 highway mpg with its 2.7-liter V6 and 25/26 with its hybrid powertrain. Similarly, the Ram 1500 gets 22/32 mpg with its 3.0-liter V6t turbo-diesel and 20/26 mpg when equipped with the standard 3.6-liter V6. Though the other pickup trucks’ gas mileage isn’t incredible by any means, their standard engines offer better fuel economy.

The Nissan Titan has long been a pickup truck falling just short of its competitors. After multiple recent upgrades, it still isn’t close to surpassing the top three options in the market. Although the pickup truck is starting to show promise, Nissan will kill the Titan. At the end of the current generation cycle, it is likely the Nissan Titan will not be replaced.


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