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The new 2025 Toyota Camry is finally starting to surface in some spy images. What?  A new Toyota Camry is on the way? According to multiple reports, the images of a covered-up prototype car seen driving around the U.S. are the new redesigned Toyota Camry. What can we expect to see in a new 2025 Camry?

Toyota hasn’t said anything about the new 2025 Camry

Usually, automakers try to keep news of an all-new version of a car under wraps. People who are on the fence about getting a new car may simply want to wait for the new car to come out and hold off on a new 2023 Camry. But, it can also mean that you can get a killer deal on a car that a dealer won’t want to keep on their lot when the new ones come out. So, we’re not surprised that Toyota is tight-lipped.

But Toyota has left some breadcrumbs for us to follow.  Toyota has launched a new styling direction with the 2023 Crown sedan. We can expect the 2025 Camry to have a family resemblance. We can also expect it to get a new hybrid booster to further improve its already amazing fuel economy. Many, such as Edmunds, are expecting the new 2025 Toyota Camry to have a plug-in hybrid option.

The Camry, though, has to stay true to its economy family sedan roots to succeed in the U.S. That will likely mean that it will keep its small, fuel-efficient, motors and spacious interior, as well as styling that doesn’t stir too many pots.

What year will Toyota redesign the Camry?

Front angle view of black 2023 Toyota Camry, showing that its name means the same as Corolla and Crown
2023 Toyota Camry | Toyota

Most are expecting the 2024 model year to be the last for the current generation of Toyota Camry. The current car was launched in 2017 as a 2018 model. Traditionally, Toyota updates the Camry every eight years. Many expected Toyota to redesign the Camry for 2023.

The current car is the best-selling compact sedan in the U.S. and it comes in several trim levels. It comes in base LE models, that start at $26,320. A hybrid version is a $2,300 option but improves fuel economy from 28 mpg city, 39 mpg highway to a stellar 51 mpg city and 52 mpg highway.

The Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in the U.S.

2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid interior
2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid | Toyota

2023 Honda Accord Has 1 Big Advantage Over Toyota Camry

In 2022, Toyota sold an astonishing 404,484 Camrys. It’s not a surprise as the Camry packs stylish good looks with fuel-efficient motors and seating for five. While the Camry is not exciting to drive, especially in the fun-sapping Hybrid versions, the cars do everything that most buyers want a car to do. In the last few years, the Camry has old sold the Toyota Corolla and similar cars like the Accord from Honda.

Camry sales are starting to slip a bit, with the company reporting slight quarter-of-quarter drops in sales. That’s likely because two or three-year-old cars that are coming off lease, for example, are stealing sales from new cars. Used Camrys look the same, offer the same options, and can be had a lower price. And, with Toyota’s perceived reliability, they will likely last years.