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Toyota has recently released some basic information about the next model year of the beloved Camry midsize sedan. The best-selling car of 2022 is doing just fine on its own, but the public is always craving new. New designs, new features, new tech, new performance—we love it all. After hunting for Camry spy photos, release dates, pricing, and engine specs, we now have some information. What 2023 Camry changes can we expect, and will we see a 2023 Camry redesign soon?

The 8th-generation Camry looks great, but it’s getting old

Frontal view of a black 2022 Toyota Camry midsize sedan; the style is sharp, but a 2023 redesign could make the Camry even more competitive
2022 Toyota Camry | Toyota

The eighth-generation Camry, which launched in 2018, does look great. It’s one of the most stylish midsize sedans on the market. It’s one of the best midsize family cars, an efficient commuter car, and—in its higher trim levels—can be a pretty luxurious and fun-to-drive car. 

However, it is starting to get old. The 2020 Camry was one of the least-reliable Camry years in the last decade. There have been some problems cropping up for this generation that Toyota could fix with a redesign. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is competitive, but rivals are catching up quickly.

We now know that the eighth generation will be stretched further with the 2023 Toyota Camry.

One possibility: a full Camry redesign for 2023

Edmunds speculated that the Camry may see some significant changes for the coming model year. The 2022 Camry is the fifth production model year in the eighth generation, and Toyota’s cars and SUVs typically follow the industry-common five-year life cycle. It stands to reason that the 2023 Camry would be the jumping-off point for the ninth-generation Camry.

Edmunds sees “an opportunity for Toyota to unveil a fully redesigned Camry over the next couple of years, and the 2023 version is as likely as any to receive a complete overhaul.” The Camry Hybrid, particularly, could benefit from some major updates.

Some of the Camry’s top competitors, like the 2023 Honda Accord, will be seeing redesigns and upgrades for the 2023 model year. If Toyota wants to stay competitive, it will make sense to do something big for its best-selling midsize sedan.

We know now that the other possibility was more likely…

An equal possibility: little to no changes for the 2023 Camry

A blue 2022 Toyota Camry TRD sports sedan hugs a curve in the road; the redesigned 2023 Camry would likely improve upon the TRD
2022 Toyota Camry TRD | Toyota

While it would be great to see a full redesign for the 2023 Camry, Edmunds states that “the most likely outcome is that Toyota will carry forward the current model for the 2023 model year with almost zero changes.” Edmunds did not expect any major changes for this popular sedan for the new model year, and they were right. According to recent information shared by Toyota, the 2023 Camry received only minor updates. These updates included a fresh Nightshade Edition package.

It wasn’t shocking. The 2022 Camry is doing well, and the 2021 Camry received many popular reviews and ratings. This may fall into the “if it ain’t broke” category. However, with so few changes for the new model, that likely kills any dreams fans may have of a 2023 GR Camry to match the hot new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla.

One small hint about a future 2023 Toyota Camry redesign? The company reminded us that the Camry will be turning 40 next year. And what better time to do a full redesign than the best-selling car’s anniversary? Fingers crossed for an all-new 2024 Camry.

The best Toyota Camry to buy?

We have hope that Toyota will redesign the 2023 Camry and bring a fresh new look to the market. However if not, a repeat of the 2022 Camry wouldn’t be all bad. The 2021 model was one of the most reliable Camry years, and Toyota has been carrying over many of its successes year over year.

If a new Camry isn’t in the cards for you this fall, don’t worry. A pre-owned Camry is one of the most reliable used vehicles you can buy for the money. If you don’t want to wait to see if the 2023 Camry will receive a redesign, you can consider one of its top rivals. Check out the new Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, or Kia K5. 


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