There Might Be a Star Wars Jeep Gladiator

The Star Wars franchise has been busy with automaker tie-ins. Nissan already got in on the action with their Rogue One Rogue. Now, with The Rise of Skywalker imminent, it appears Jeep may be knocking out two special events with one truck. Not just Star Wars, but a significant anniversary, too. Spy photos captured by Motor1 show a Wrangler testing, decked out with some intriguing graphics. And if the Wrangler’s supporting the First Order, there could be a Star Wars Jeep Gladiator in our future.

Future Special Edition Wrangler?

The photos obtained by Motor1 show a Wrangler driving around with a stormtrooper helmet on its fender. Another graphic, resembling Darth Vader’s helmet, can be found on the rear window glass. The sides also feature white graphics of some sort of landscape, presumably from one of the planets in the Star Wars universe. The roof panels are also white, as are the fenders. Lastly, the hood features a white decal of some sort.

1944 Willys Jeep MB
1944 Willys Jeep MB | Jeep

But there’s more to the photos. Those white landscape stickers on the sides? If you look closer, you’ll see the outline of a WWII-era Willys, along with the year “1941”. That year is significant for Jeep history, as it marks the first year of production. The look is completed with additional off-road lights mounted on the front bumper and on the A-pillars.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys Limited Edition
2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys Limited Edition | Jeep

Jeep already produces a Willys-themed edition of the Wrangler, the aptly-named Wrangler Willys. However, it is based on a later Willys model, the 1948 Overland CJ-3A.

Considering Nissan’s past relationship with the Star Wars franchise, it would definitely be interesting to see another company cut in and sell its own Star Wars special edition. On the other hand, there are no guarantees this is actually a vehicle that’s actually in development. But if it is, we’d be more than interested in it if it’s anything other than a sticker package for a regular Jeep.

So, a Star Wars Jeep Gladiator?

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon
2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon | Jeep

Considering the way Jeep celebrated its 75th anniversary, and all the Easter eggs in the new Gladiator, an 80th-anniversary model is a no-brainer. Tying the anniversary with Star Wars might seem difficult considering the latest movie’s December 2019 release date. However, as Motor1 points out, if Jeep could release a 2021 Wrangler in the spring of 2020 with these graphics, it would neatly cover both events.

As of this writing, no Gladiator has been spotted with these graphics. However, a Star Wars Jeep Gladiator is not out of the question. The Gladiator and Wrangler share many components, and stickers don’t require safety certifications. And having two very iconic vehicles as part of a Star Wars promotion would be an amazingly lucrative idea. In 2017, when the Rogue One Rogue was on sale, Nissan reported an almost 25% increase in Rogue sales.

At the moment, Jeep has not commented on these spy photos. No information about a possible Star Wars partnership of any kind has been released by Jeep or FCA. But may the Force be with them.