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The best-selling truck in America earns its title by outperforming the competition in almost all areas. Performance, capability, safety, and comfort are all strengths of the Ford F-150. But, as with most vehicles, there are some features that emerge as problematic for owners. For the Ford F-150, there’s one feature in particular that has been the worst for many. It’s a pretty standard piece of equipment that you should know about before you make a buying decision.

What’s new in 2020 for Ford F-150?

For those of you who are Ford enthusiasts, or may be familiar with what the F-150 has to offer, you may be wondering what’s new for 2020. If you’re considering a new pickup, you’ll have some upgrades this year.

Advanced driving aids are conveniently packaged now, making it easier to add just what you need to your ride. There are new appearance packages for Lariat, XLT, and XL trim levels too. Also new with this model, the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot feature is now standard.

A smorgasbord of variations to build perfection

A lot of what makes the Ford F-150 so popular is its wide range of configuration options. For people looking to work, tow, save on fuel economy, commute, or go off-road, there’s a variation of the F-150 just perfect for the job.

Basic work trucks offer a 3.3L V6 with six-speed automatic transmission. If you need more, you can choose a fuel-efficient turbodiesel, two versions of V6, or the beefy V8 (all with ten-speed automatic transmissions).

Standard and optional features that matter

The base model F-150 is essentially a bare-bones truck. But, with each upgrade in trim comes a hefty roster of additional equipment and features.

Adding a 101A package means you’ll bring tech favorites like Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Upgrading to the XLT alone brings alloy wheels, and an 8-inch touchscreen (with Ford’s Sync 3). A bump up to Lariat means you’ll have keyless ignition, leather seats, and adjustable pedals.

For those looking for big-time amenities, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited all bring the luxury extras to driver assistance, tech, audio, and performance.

The Ford F-150’s worst and most problematic feature

Diving into the consumer complaints for the various F-150 model years, one problem continued to emerge. Over a range of years, the pickups are citing significant problems with the radio.

Some complaints indicate the radio would simply stop working altogether, offering no sound, no phone accessibility, nor response. Only after leaving the truck turned off, would the system seem to reset itself. In many, replacing the radio module seemed to be the final remedy.

What F-150 models have problematic radios?

Ford F-150s, as recent as 2016, have ten reported complaints with radio problems. But, we also found consumer issues with the speakers in 2014, the infotainment screen failing in 2013, and many model years with Sync 3 problems.

Overall, each report represents one individual case. But spanning these model years, it’s well over 100 instances of interior accessory problems. It is worth noting as well that many of these issues occurred early in vehicle ownership. Meaning, repair, and replacement can be handled at the dealership and might be under warranty.

When you have the country’s most popular truck, it means there are thousands of them on the road. With that kind of mass production, there will be certain issues that arise or problem areas that can be a nuisance.

For the F-150, getting the radio right seems to be a trending concern. Knowing how important tech, driver assistance, and infotainment is for today’s consumer, it could give buyers pause when it comes time to buy.