If you love art and you love Hondas, you will love what this Japanese artist has created with clay. Known for sculpting tiny animals, Kakuho Fujii doesn’t stop at pets and woodland creatures when it comes to drawing inspiration for her pieces. It turns out that Kakuho Fujii drew some major inspiration from another Japanese artist –– Honda. When microscopic sculpture and Honda vehicle design meet, these itsy bitsy clay cars are the result. The smallest Honda you’ve ever seen is made of clay.

Instagram is a great place to see cars and art. It just makes sense for the two to merge. Here at MotorBiscuit, we obviously appreciate the artistic aspects of car design. But we can also get behind auto-inspired art. We’ll just put this here…

What kind of Honda is that?

This has to be the smallest Honda ever to exist. But there’s more beyond that tiny red –– wait, what kind of Honda is that? There is no way to know for sure, but it looks like a teensy little 2-door civic. All we know without a shadow of a doubt is that this is car-inspired art, and it’s amazing. Imagine the time and attention to detail it takes to create something like this.

This tiny (maybe) 2-door miniature civic isn’t the only Honda art that Kakuho Fujii made of clay. There’s a whole scene! Three minuscule Honda vehicles and a scaled-down cityscape make this a complete and cohesive Honda installment.

Not just one tiny Honda

There is a really small blue Honda as well. Looks like a Honda fit, if you ask us, but there is no real way to know for sure exactly what models these are. Thankfully, they are so cute that it’s no problem getting caught staring for a while. It’s no waste of time attempting to figure out just exactly what little bitty Honda they are.

minuscule clay Honda on the end of a pin
tiny blue clay Honda | Kakuho Fujii

Wait! There’s a miniature motorcycle, too!

So, on closer inspection, we see the third vehicle. And it’s a little motorcycle. Or scooter. Could it be a Honda Metro? Whatever it is, it’s the teeniest little motorcycle you’ve ever seen. We know Honda already pays close attention to detail when engineering their vehicles. These clay sculptures are the perfect tribute to that intricacy.

a clay Honda Motorcycle, tinier than a fingernail
miniature clay Honda motorcycle | Kakuho Fujii

The smallest Hondas are made of clay

These clay Hondas have to the smallest Hondas ever known to mankind. Fujii is an artist producing incredible, unique work. The super small animals are amazing, but we have to say these clay cars are our favorite.

The little Hondas in their urban scene have our attention. And the attention of thousands who have seen them on Honda’s Instagram. This post has gotten over 35,000 likes. Apparently there are a whole lot of people out there that love Honda. And love tiny clay cars.
miniature clay Hondas
clay Honda scene | Kakuho Fujii

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The tiniest Hondas are made of clay, and artists using the auto industry as inspiration will always be something we can appreciate. We are fans of both Hondas and Kakuho Fujii. And, we’re honestly just glad these tiny clay Hondas are a thing.