Ellen Degeneres Loves Portia and Porsches

Ellen Degeneres is a popular celebrity talk show host icon and comedian. She helped Disney find Nemo and Dory, she’s a day show dancing queen, and wife to Portia De Rossi. But she is also a known car enthusiast and lover of Porsches (among others).

She has shared secrets for getting out of speeding tickets. Additionally, Degeneres surprised Portia with a be-bowed Defender that she had to track down in Texas. There are a few cars known to live in her garage, some she has just driven over the years, and cars she has been “spotted” driving out in the wild. Everyone who knows Ellen already knows she loves Portia. But they might not have known about her love for Porsches, too. Ellen Degeneres isn’t exactly a Porsche collector like Jerry Seinfeld. Still, she definitely appreciates the German car and she’s been seen driving an array of models.

Porsche 911 Targa 4S

This Porsche is a model that seals Ellen’s love for Porsches. She is often seen driving this car. I guess we could say the Porsche 911 Targa 4S is Ellen Degeneres’ daily driver, as it is probably the most common vehicles she’s been spotted in. This little German beast generates up to 450 horsepower and has a starting price of $124,300.

Porsche 993

Ellen also has an early 90s Porsche 993, one of the best 911s ever. This is a car that definitely shows her car collector colors. Ellen has driven this one since the early days of her relationship with Portia, and it is allegedly still in her garage today.

Porsche 997 Carrera S

This is one of the coolest cars Ellen has ever been spotted in. Following its release in 2004, the 997 Carrera earned positive reviews from the worldwide motoring press. Apparently, even British auto journalist Jeremy Clarkson, a famed dogger of Porsche cars, wrote that the 997 will “make love to your fingertips and stir your soul.”

Porsche Cayenne

This is the luxury SUV Porsche debuted in 2002. Fans (and Portia’s mom) are still waiting for a baby. We don’t know about all that, but we do know that if the couple ever decides to go the family way, the Porsche Cayenne will make a fine family vehicle. Plus, it remains true to Ellen’s enthusiasm for Porsche models (no pun intended).

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Porsche Panamera

This hatchback is another coveted Porsche model. It is one of Ellen Degeneres’ known vehicles, as she has been seen out and about in it on many occasions. The Porsche Panamera equipped with the twin turbo engine found in the Turbo S model can get up to 550 horsepower and costs upwards of a hundred grand. Pocket change for someone whose estimated net worth is $330 million.

The Land Rover Defender and the Ferrari California

Ellen Degeneres clearly loves Porsches. But she also loves Portia. The story goes that Portia eyed ever Defender the couple passed for quite some time. She just couldn’t get over how cool they are. In 2014, Ellen surprised her bride with an amazing Land Rover Defender that they had to go all the way to Texas for. The two were also seen rolling around town in a stunning Ferrari California.


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