Bring the Drive Inside With Infiniti Carigami

Many of us have lost track of how many days, weeks, its been since things have been “normal.” We can likely all agree that we miss the drives we used to take to see friends, road trips, and other outings. Automakers asking us to stay safely at home are putting their design talent toward helping us create new moments. Today Infiniti launched a fun activity, “Caraigami”, as part of their Park It For Now campaign.

Bring the Drive Inside With Infiniti Carigami

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, “Carigami” will inspire those at home to recreate some of their favorite Infiniti models. There will be three iconic models detailing the spirit of Infiniti to choose from.

The first Carigami model released today. It is a red Q50 that is free to download and assemble. Two more models will soon follow; a QX80 and FX retro model.

Infiniti has made accessing the templates an extremely simple process. You’ll need some paper, a printer, scissors or a craft knife and some glue. Click here to learn more and download the template for the Q50.

“In this unprecedented time where citizens of the world are doing their part to fight COVID-19 by staying at home, we wanted to develop something that will help ease the boredom, while having a bit of fun.”

Phil York, General Manager of Infiniti Global Brand and Marketing

The art history of origami is a natural brand fit

The word origami is composed of two Japanese words oru (to fold) and kami(paper). Paper was first invented around 105 A.D. in China and brought to Japan by monks in the sixth century. This handmade paper was a luxury item only available to a few in Japan for ceremonial purposes.

Paper folding in Japan become recreational by 1600-1800, as well as ceremonial, often featuring multiple cuts and folds. When it became known as an art form, paper became more affordable and produced in greater quantities to share this art across the globe.

Infiniti is well known for bringing luxury and artistry together to design an experience worth living and worth driving. Until we can get back on the road, Infiniti encourages us to dream, design, and create together at home. Share your Carigami creations with a snapshot online with #ParkitforNow and #Carigami.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a few moments of zen as you cut, fold, and paste as a family. Car enthusiasts may also enjoy these fun coloring books, coloring pages, virtual road trips, and other at-home activities.